Where Can I Donate Gently Used Dog Toys

Where Can I Donate Used Dog Toys Near Me

If your kids are still attending day care or preschool, ask yours if they could use a donation. If not, consider starting your search with Head Start, a federal government-run preschool initiative for children of low-income families. But child care center toys get lots of use, which means they wear out quickly and break often. If you’re angling to take a tax deduction on your donation, make sure your donation centers of choice are tax-exempt nonprofits. Otherwise, your donations might not qualify for deductions.

Homeless shelters tend to be overlooked for toy donations, so they may be very willing to receive them. A toy donation can help a child feel safe in uncertain circumstances. We’re a big fan of selling used toys on online thrift stores, but that can take time, and often it’s not worth the hassle for smaller items. This gives them a new life, and gives joy to others as well.

Children’s Homes

Get in touch with the director of the children’s home nearest to you to see where and how your donations can be most useful. Your local shelters for the homeless or domestic violence survivors may be a great place to donate your used games and toys. Call up your local shelter and ask them if they accept these donations, as many will. Stuffed Animals for Emergencies is a unique charity that accepts stuffed animals and distributes them to children in need. If you wish to donate your used stuffed toys, they’ll usually accept them no matter how old or worn out.

  • You can divvy up your toy donations to as many nonprofit organizations as you like.
  • Even if your family doesn’t need toys directly, they may know someone who does.
  • Museums often accept donations of all kinds – your donations can be put on display for everyone to enjoy!
  • Call up your local church and ask them if they can help you find a family in need of these items.
  • Used toys, especially sporting equipment and games, help younger kids occupy their time while they’re waiting for their parents to get out of work.

You’ll also learn what types of toys you can donate, and how to prepare them before you hand them over. Animal shelters are always on the lookout for blankets, food bowls, and toys. Not all animal shelters take used dog toys, so it’s important to check before – but most do if they are in good condition.

Where to Donate Dog Toys

Shelters, specifically women’s and homeless shelters, are often overlooked as places to donate toys. But because they often host vulnerable young people who end up sheltering with few possessions, most gratefully accept toy donations. Many early childhood programs in lower-income communities aren’t lucky enough to have adequate toys and books for their youngest students. Find a location near you by searching online, and then call ahead to see if the center is accepting toy donations.

Some ideas for toys your local hospital might like to have donated include puzzles, toddler toys, books, games, educational toys, or just your plain old dolls, cars, and trucks. I’d check with your local Goodwill thrift store for more details on which types of toys they do and do not accept. If you’re like most families with kids, you probably have an abundance of toys you no longer need or want. Kids grow out of and get bored with toys, so it’s nice to have an idea of where to donate used toys.

How To Prepare Your Used Toys For Donation

If you’ve found your child’s toy box is overflowing with toys that haven’t been touched in weeks, months, or even years, you might be thinking of a clear out. Any gently used toy that is plastic can be washed by hand in warm water and mild dish soap and laid on a towel to air dry before donating. Materials that can be recycled include wood, fabric, and certain types of plastic.