Where Can I Donate Contact Lenses Near Me

Where Can I Donate Contact Lenses Near Me 50 discount off

How to Donate Unused Contact Lenses

Whatever you do, don’t flush contact lenses down the toilet. While it may seem like an easy and mess-free way to dump your lenses once you’re done with them, it’s actually bad for the environment. Since many contact lenses are made of plastic, you’re putting the plastic from the lenses into the water, which can then get dumped into our oceans. This also means you shouldn’t just wash them down your sink, either.

Primarily known as an eyewear retailer, Lens Crafters also accepts donations of gently-used prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses. In partnership with OneSight, they distribute the donated glasses to visually-impaired people around the world. LCI is a worldwide community of volunteers engaged in various charitable activities. They also have eyeglass recycling centers in various locations around the world. Their volunteers collect old but still usable donated glasses and ship them to the nearest eyeglass recycling centers. There they are cleaned and carefully packaged before being sent to eyeglass-dispensing missions.
  • Mail or ship glasses and lenses to the most appropriate location.
  • Their volunteers collect old but still usable donated glasses and ship them to the nearest eyeglass recycling centers.
  • You’ll usually find those blue drop-off boxes near the store’s entrance and exit.
  • If you don’t want to drive far or ship your donation, you can always give them to a local charity.

Yeah, try contacting Contacts to see if they’ll give you a refund or credit or maybe try to donate them. You should just get in contact with the retailer that sold them to you and see if they will take them back or give you credit. Correct Digital, Inc is paid by private donors to provide website digital marketing services to this non-profit organization. Writes, you might expect to pay anywhere from $70 and $90 for a 90-day supply—so your donation will do a lot of good. Plastic has unfortunately become a prominent material for many of our day-to-day items. The good news is, the plastic in contact cases is recyclable and compatible with general plastic waste.

Contact Lens Buy Back / Refund or Resell Unused Prescription Contacts?

Goodwill will take unused, unopened and non-expired contact lenses. If you’ve recently had a successful LASIK surgery or your prescription has changed, this could be a great option for you. If you have a Goodwill in your area, you can simply visit their location and inquire about donation standards. Generally, they will accept eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, contact cases and contact lens cleaning solution. OneSight is an independent nonprofit that has helped more than 9 million people in 46 countries.

Based in Georgia, this charitable institution distributes recycled eyewear around the globe. They accept all types of eyeglasses in any condition. You can send them used phones and hearing aids too. If you live too far from Georgia and don’t want to ship your donations, they have also partnered with Lions Club International. You can drop off your donations at any Lions collection center around the world. New Eyes, a United Way agency, buys new glasses for people in need in the United States.

The wires have copper in them, which we can recycle.

These optometrists take donated glasses to these communities and work with local populations to ensure the residents get the vision care they need. Another eyewear retailer, America’s Best partners with Lions Club International to distribute gently used eyeglasses to people around the world who need them. You can drop your old eyeglasses in donation boxes located in their stores all across the US. Like Lens Crafters, David Kind also sells both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses. But the company also has a program that lets their customers trade in their old eyeglasses for a $50 discount off their next purchase.

We sell them to a person who buys bunches of orphan shoes and pairs them with a similar long-lost brother and resells them. Contact lenses are eligible to be returned to Costco as long as they are in perfect condition for up to 5 years after the purchase date. This means that the contact lenses from Costco must be unopened, unused, and not damaged. I have a contact lens purchased for my father but due to corona cataract operation not done and my father has died on 4th Oct 2020. So now use i want to re-sell it if anyone is needed. Hi Lisa, we do not sell any contact lenses at all, so it wasn’t from us, sorry.


Whether your prescription has changed or you’ve just decided you can’t use your previously-purchased contacts, you can actually donate them! There are a lot of regular thrift stops, like Goodwill, that typically take them . There are also a few organizations that will accept unused contacts, and redistribute them to people in need with your prescription, such as DonateContacts. Through Eyes of Hope, vision insurer VSP Global provides access to no-cost eye care and eyewear for more than 2 million people around the world. They accept donations of new and gently used eyewear. Organizations likeVisions Aid Overseas sends optometrists to overseas communities in need.

Does Goodwill accept eyeglasses?

Over 2 billion people around the world who need eyeglasses but don’t have access to them. At this scale, it’s one of the biggest health crises you’ve never heard of. Instead, you should be recycling both your contact lenses and the blister packaging they come in.

It also accepts, processes and distributes gently used donated eyeglasses to people overseas. New Eyes accepts used prescription glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses and children’s glasses in good to excellent condition. Though they accept old eyeglasses, they only distribute new glasses in their missions. All donated eyewear is channeled to various Lions organizations to aid in their projects.

The donated eyeglasses are then sorted by prescription and given to someone in need. Launched by VSP Global, the Eyes of Hope Project aims to deliver eye care to those who need it the most. Aside from mobile clinics, they are also collecting and distributing used eyeglasses around the world. The VSP Eyes of Hope Program accepts used contact lenses too as long as they’re still intact. Some of their beneficiaries include poor communities and victims of natural and manmade disasters.

You can ship your donations or drop them off at their drop-off locations all around the US. For some people, a pair of eyeglasses is more than just a tool to see better. A woman who does crafts may lose her livelihood if she can’t see clearly.