Where Can I Donate A Breast Pump

Sell, Recycle or Donate? What to do with an Old Breast Pump?

Ask them if they’ve ever recycled a breast pump, and if so, where? Educate families on the complications surrounding selling and sharing breast pumps. There are many reasons parents might choose to donate or give away their breast pumps. Maybe you’ve completed your breastfeeding journey, or you have one too many pumps on hand, or the pump you have no longer suits your needs. Whatever the reason, it can be a bit tricky to figure out the next steps.

It is estimated that only 12% of electronic waste is recycled, leaving much of the waste to be burned at incinerators, destined to sit in landfills, or even shipped to Asia. If you are not interested in shipping your pump back to Medela, you can try some of the same options listed above for recycling a Spectra pump. Your city may have a small appliance or electronic recycling program that will accept your breast pump. “Our network of nonprofit milk banks focuses on serving vulnerable preterm and otherwise fragile infants who need human milk as medicine,” says Naomi Bar-Yam, president of HMBANA. Wondering where to donate gently used baby items? DonationTown.org will help you locate a charity near you that will accept your donations.

Medela Introduces Buy One, Give One Campaign Benefitting Breastfeeding Families Through Partnership with Good+Foundation – GlobeNewswire

Medela Introduces Buy One, Give One Campaign Benefitting Breastfeeding Families Through Partnership with Good+Foundation.

Posted: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

If you plan on having another child – or even if you aren’t sure if one more baby is in the cards – it’s a good idea to keep your pump. This pasteurized milk is then further tested to make sure it is free of any infection and then stored in containers in hospital grade deep freezers. This milk is now infection free and can be dispatched for the preterm infants as and when the need arises. The idea behind the program is to encourage moms to trade in or donate used pump and get a discount to buy a new pump. I am all for if you can sell some used stuff and recoup some of the money.

Yes, if you purchase a second single your two breast pumps will then work with the app as a double pump. Buying a second-hand multi-user breast pump should be fine. You may want to ask the person you’re buying from about the warranty and whether it still applies. So you’re finished weaning – now what should you do with your breast pump? The answer depends on whether you think you might use it again for another child, or whether you’re sure that you’re done pumping forever. Here’s what to do with an old breast pump when you’re finished pumping.

Can a Medela Breast Pump Be Used By Multiple Women?

Ask about electronic waste, plastics, silicone , and bags/coolers. And don’t forget to ask about costs of recycling or how often items will be dropped off or picked up. Also look into where you are able to donate good condition or non-recyclable items such as breast pump bags and bottles. Many local shelters for women and families, or even animal shelters will accept these items.

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The only pumps allowed to be shared between multiple people are labeled as multi-user or hospital-grade pumps and usually run with a price tag of $2,000-4,000. These hospital-grade multi-user pumps are often found in hospitals, emergency rooms, and some businesses. Open system breast pumps can be contaminated with bacteria, mold, and viruses and are not able to be sanitized even if you use new tubing, flanges, bottles, and membranes. There have been cases of severe infections making babies and breastfeeding families sick, because of using a used open system breast pump from another person.

Medela also offers a free pump recycling programand Spectra offers a recycle/reuse program, partnering with MedShare to supply breast pumps to moms in need worldwide. Several breast pump manufacturers, including Medela and Hygeia, have effective breast pump recycling programs. Reach out to your brand’s manufacturer and find out if they accept used breast pumps for recycling . The option to donate breast pumps to moms in need is wonderful. I know many women who have not been happy with their insurance provided choices, and ended up buying a better pump anyway. Identify the need for a recycling program.Meet with local breastfeeding families in your area.

A quick search online should help you determine which kind of pump you have. An open system pump works differently than what was just described. There is no barrier between the tubes and the collection of the milk, so there is no way to know whether or not some breast milk, however little, was able to reach the pump motor. But when you look at the cost of pumps, it seems like donating your used breast pump to another mom—even one you may not know–is a nice way to pay it forward.

Nobody wants a baby to get sick because they drank milk that was pumped with a contaminated pump. Most WIC locations offer breastfeeding support to mothers throughout all stages of the nursing journey, from birth through the process of weaning your baby. Visit your local WIC office to find out what resources are available in your area. If you’re attempting to receive a free WIC breast pump, they may ask to verify your insurance plan to ensure you’re not eligible for a breast pump through your provider.