What To Donate For A Food Drive

What to donate to a food bank and what to avoid

Running the same fundraisers over and over can quickly become tiresome— both for your team and even the most dedicated supporters. Many people want to volunteer and give back but are finding their usual channels unavailable due to social distancing. Setting up a virtual campaign and spreading the word about ways to give back online helps you inspire other people to contribute in new ways. Support new moms in need by hosting a baby supply drive. When you bring new supporters into the fold, it’s vital that younurture your relationshipwith them to build trust. Make it easy for them to get to know your nonprofit and how they can contribute to your mission.

When winter arrives, many parents and guardians worry about how they’ll give their kids themagic of the holidayswithout breaking the bank. A toy drive can help make the holiday season special for every child. Your work isn’t done once all the food has been donated. Put proper systems in place and you’ll easily be able to duplicate efforts in years to come. Here’s the difference between animal rights vs. animal welfare and how you can support animals in your community and beyond.

Create your drive’s online presence

The food bank itself may be interested in benefiting from your drive. Or, they may suggest a local food organization in your neighborhood. Most food banks get plenty of canned goods, but may also want and need fresh produce. Obviously, you don’t want to give them days-old bread or vegetables, but there may be a place for some creative giving.

The Purpose Behind Food Drives

Take this opportunity to assign shifts and roles for your team members and volunteers. You’ll want to have people who sort the incoming donations and others who will count the collected items. If you’re holding on to the donations until you have time to deliver them, explain to your team to drop them off at your home after each day. If you’re donating to a charity, they might be able to pick up the items from your location themselves. Food insecurity is one of the country’s most prevalent issues and, while it is a complex problem,food drivescan help lessen the impact of food insecurity on households in your community. Set up collection boxes in highly-trafficked areas around town and ask for non-perishable goods.

Rather, they need healthy, high-quality foods that promote good eating habits any improved overall health. This year, organizers set a goal of collecting $225,000 by Sept. 17. They said fundraisers like Neighbor to Neighbor are as important as ever, as families still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic deal with rising food prices.

But big initiatives aren’t the only approach to solve hunger. One way you can directly help the people in your community is hosting a food drive. To inspire others to take action and donate, here are more than 150 food drive slogans organized by category below you can use to promote the event.