What Is A Double Red Cell Donation

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The ALYX machine collects two units of red blood cells instead of one during a single donation.This type of donation allows a donor to double the impact of their gift of life. When donating double red blood cells we only collect your red blood cells and not your platelets or plasma. This type of donation is done using a process called automation . Participants in double red blood cell donation had no long-term problems. When people donate, they are frequently given saline solution or a volume replacement to replace their lost fluids. Some of them experience dizziness, nausea, and discomfort in the area where the needle is put after donating.

Rogers police, fire to host blood drive Press And News hometownsource.com – ECM Publishers

Rogers police, fire to host blood drive Press And News hometownsource.com.

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If you are able to give blood, we highly encourage you to sign up today to donate blood at a local blood donation center. To donate blood with South Bend Medical Centervisit our donor portal to schedule an appointment today. Donating double red cells is very helpful to The Blood Connection and the hospitals it serves. Red blood cells are the most transfused blood product, meaning they are needed most by local hospitals. At TBC blood drives, we refer to this donation as an “Alyx donation” since it uses a machine called the Alyx Machine. Type O donors are especially needed for double red cell donation, especially O- donors.

Donating Red Cells

So, it you have high iron levels it won’t hurt for the iron levels to dip a little bit. Hoxworth can actually separate the desired components while you’re sitting in the donation chair. During this type of donation, your blood is processed through a machine, collecting your red blood cells while your platelets and plasma are returned to you. The procedure uses a smaller needle and collects enough red blood cells to be transfused to two different patients. During double red cell donation, two units of red cells are collected.

Let your blood type lead the way to donate your powerful lifesaving gift. Nebraska Community Blood Bank is a division of New York Blood Center, Inc. a not-for-profit corporation. NCBB has been saving lives in our communities since 1968 as an independent nonprofit blood center. Memorial Blood Centers is a division of New York Blood Center, Inc. a not-for-profit corporation.

During a whole blood donation, you typically donate a pint of whole blood. During a process called apheresis, you’re hooked up to a machine that collects and separates blood components and returns unused components to you. During a double red cell donation, machines are used to collect the complete blood volume.