What Can You Donate To The Museum In Stardew Valley

Museum: Finding the Best Donations and Organizing Every Items

Simply titled Polygamy, bwdy’s mod lets you marry every single eligible NPC in the game. It’s a bit limited in its current form, but it answers a long-standing request for polyamory in the Stardew Valley community. The incapability of getting the Deluxe Barn means you haven’t got the first and second versions of the building. You must first purchase them to obtain the benefits of the final barn upgrade. Every player’s salvation is this building in Stardew Valley.Winter is every player’s weakness in Stardew Valley.

Donating the Chicken Statue, along with at least 4 other artifacts, rewards the player with a Chicken Statue furniture item. Use the image below, borrowed from this wiki page, as a reference when donating items to the museum. Placing the artifacts on tables in exactly the same order will make it easier to see what is still missing. In iOS items on the bottom most row cannot be moved in the donation interface. However, if the character goes to the front desk one tile to the left of Gunther, you get the option to rearrange the collection . You may also rearrange the location of items by clicking the paper sitting on Gunther’s desk at any time.

Rewards for Donating Artifacts

His goal is to complete his collection of minerals, books, lost items and more within the expansive building. It has a library and a gallery where you can see the local collection of interesting items. However, when you arrive in Stardew Valley, the collection is empty, and you will have to fix this. The curator of the Museum, Gunther, will ask you to donate Minerals and Artifacts. Lost Books are another thing you have to donate to museum, these books are missing from the library. To find the Lost Books, you should dig up Artifact Spots with a hoe.

Unless you have a Lucky perk, your chances of getting something valuable are pretty low. Still, you can get geodes and minerals from nodes that can still be donated to the museum. Once you start reeling in, you’ll have to prevent the fish from escaping the hook.

  • The upgrade also adds a bedroom on the right side of your farmhouse.
  • Once you guys can finally understand each other, they will open their wares to you, including bombs, Life Elixirs, and even a cool-looking Rarecrow.
  • It’s so much more than just tending to your farm (although that’s certainly a huge part of it!) and staying on your own land.
  • We’ve also got a handy guide on what to do when your trees aren’t growing.

List of all artifacts and where you most likely to find them. This isn’t as huge a sin as it used to be if you have the most recent 1.5 update since there are now more ways to get this once extremely rare artifact. The very first prismatic shard you find should ALWAYS be used in the desert to unlock the Galaxy Sword. This weapon is leaps and bounds beyond anything else available at the time and also unlocks the Galaxy Hammer.

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Gunther, the curator, will ask The Player to help by donating Artifacts and Minerals, as well as finding the missing Lost Books from the library. Players will find a lot of structures lacking basic items, and some stuff that’s just plain empty. The Museum in Stardew Valley is an example of the latter. What you’re supposed to do is put time into collecting rare items and displaying them in said Museum. Of all the more common crops, Pumpkins are one of the most lucrative.

After you select this item you will be asked whether you wish to rearrange the museum’s collection. If you select yes you will now be able to move the items that you have previously donated to different places. If you have not donated any items to the museum, clicking on the pen and paper will do nothing at all. Users have reported difficulty when donating items to the museum when playing on Android devices.

Gems and Foraged Minerals

You must head to the east side of town and cross over the river to get there. Once you’ve crossed over the bridge, you will see a small stand. The building with the purple roof is the one you’re looking for. You will be returning here a lot to help out Gunther, the proprietor.