Water Bottle Donations For Schools

BASF Donates Reusable Water Bottles for WCSD Students! Wilkinson County Elementary School

Remember to always unscrew the lid or cap from your plastic containers before recycling. You are more likely to receive funding if you put a face to your name. You will find children from all walks of life, some that have it all and some that have lives that would break your heart. Something that brings them all together is our school, and I have found, for some, it is their safe haven.

I love the enthusiasm they all have for learning, and they love to discover new things. "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education." -Martin Luther King Jr. To use your $50 gift card credits, find a project to fund and we’ll automatically apply your credits at checkout. Whomever you are working with, set up a consistent time to meet in person or touch base over the phone / skype. Secure at least 5 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony RSVPs from local community leaders by May 10th.

Also, crowdfunding gives people the option to pay via Credit Card, which makes a big difference. To access funds, we’ll go over the ways you can assure they end up in your hands. Contact us if you’d like us to explore funding opportunities in your community. Track down local corporations in your town like banks, insurance, or other institutions who may have programs set up to give back to the community. Companies may have divisions such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, or Corporate Citizen Engagement. External sources are funding opportunities outside of your high school or college.

School Donation Water Bottle

COVID-19 has forced everyone to do things differently, perhaps no group more than schools.

  • Another emerging concept is “crowdgranting”, which intersects traditional crowdfunding with supplementary grants.
  • Ultimately, you’ll want to illustrate why your initiative deserves funds.
  • The reason is that they are not typically made of the same kinds of plastics as their containers and therefore should not be mixed together with them.
  • Appropriations for projects that are beneficial to the school are rewarded regularly in both high schools and colleges.
  • This classroom request for funding was created by Ms. Petrikova and reviewed by the DonorsChoose team.
  • My third-graders are a fantastic, friendly, and eager-to-learn group of students.

The following sources are listed in descending order, weighted by highest amount and most common pools of funding. Internal sources are funding opportunities within your high school or college. Also note that Bottle Filling Stations are technical products so we advise to be weary of certain broad-focused megastores. While prices may be low, you won’t get the same customer support that you’ll find from companies who specialize in water sustainability.

‘ Essentially, all consumers have to do is empty and flatten their bottles, leaving on the bottle cap, and then dispose of the bottle and cap into the same recycling plastics box. If installing filters does not work for your facilities team, be sure to test your water at a certified laboratory or agency. The challenge in determining installation cost is that plumbing rates vary quite a bit across the country. Also, depending on your existing setup, it could take anywhere from 1-5 hours to install a bottle filler. A very rough ballpark estimate for an installation is anywhere between $500-1,500 per unit.

Direct proposals are simply a formal way to make the case for why your project should receive funds. Often times, there are grants available that fit certain health, environmental, or civic-focused criteria, and well whataya know… your initiative checks all three boxes. Good news — there are TONS of sources for you to fund your Bottle Filling Station campaign. These money pools won’t apply to everyone, but with a bit of detective work, you’ll be able to determine the ones that work best for you.

Fundraising for Water Bottle Filling Stations in Schools: The Ultimate Guide

Forget wasteful plastic bottles, shop stainless steel School Donations drink bottles featuring uncommonly original designs sold by independent artists. Luckily, due to their positive environmental, health, and economic impact, there are grants available for water bottle filling stations. The CDC encourages the use of personal water bottles to minimize the use and touching of water fountains.

Our school is a safe haven where students are fed, clothed, and cared for above all else. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many restrictions are in place to protect people in public areas, especially schools. My third-graders are a fantastic, friendly, and eager-to-learn group of students. In this challenging learning environment, they still find a way to have fun while ‘working’ new skills. The school’s community is located in an area that is being renovated. Though most of the school’s population participates in the free lunch program, my students still press onward in learning.

You can check this by asking your facilities team or sending the serial ID# to our support team. I want my students to have access to water inside the school worry-free. The water bottles requested here will remain in school labeled and in a protected, well-covered space for students to access daily.

We are about to enter an unprecedented time with lots of insecure feelings about how things are going to go! I do know that kids are ready to go back to school and they are also going to have a hard time with all the new adjustments that will be required! They have shut down our water fountains as one of those adjustments and I would like them to learn the importance of using reusable sources to help our environment. One of the most common concerns about drinking from a public fountain is the water quality. This concern has only grown as of late with Flint, MI and other schools across the country uncovering lead issues in their drinking water. Having access to water with a water bottle at school will ease the stress of being thirsty and provide energy to the body and mind, improving grades.

While generally speaking, unfiltered tap water in the U.S. should be safe to drink, we always recommend taking additional assurance with a filter. Ultimately, we always recommend working with an experienced professional. BeCause Water offers free product advisory for Bottle Filling Stations in schools.

Despite their obstacles, the one thing that I see in all their eyes is an eagerness to learn. They hang on every word I say and even beg to stay after school to do more work. My goal is to provide them with educational experiences that will sustain and promote this sense of curiosity and desire for lifelong learning.