United States Fund for UNICEF

United States Fund for UNICEF

Our Mission

Helping every child thrive, all over the world

UNICEF was founded in 1946 to serve children around the world. Since then, UNICEF has worked tirelessly and relentlessly to deliver life-saving essentials like healthcare, water safety measures for sanitation purposes, nutrition programs that provide essential nutrients needed by growing bodies; as well as education about their rights so they can grow up into healthy adults with a sense of purpose and dignity. Today there are over six billion people on earth – 60% of them under the age of 24 years old! The need for initiatives such as these is more important than ever before because it’s estimated 2 out 3 kids live without access basic necessities we take for granted like clean drinking water or quality schooling. Join us at unicefusa .org

What UNICEF USA Is Doing

UNICEF USA raises money for UNICEF’s projects across the world by hosting events such as auctions or walk-a-thons at its headquarters located in New York City along with various other cities throughout America including Denver Colorado; Atlanta Georgia; Houston Texas among others. It also engages people through social media platforms like Facebook where followers can donate small donations which add up quickly when multiplied amongst hundreds of thousands of supporters online who care deeply about helping those less fortunate than themselves live better lives free from poverty around the globe.

What UNICEF Is Doing

UNICEF is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance to children and their families around the world. They work with governments, other partners, donors and local communities in more than 190 countries on issues such as access to clean water, nutrition status of young women before pregnancy starts (FP), educational opportunities for girls between ages 4 – 6 years old in developing nations who live below the poverty line so they can have equal opportunity at school compared to boys of same age group.

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