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Let’s use the Scientific Method to try a sunscreen science project with preschoolers!

This sunscreen science experiment was inspired by a comment Lady in a Small Town had left a comment on an earlier post, Sun-bleached Alphabet Puzzle. She had heard of an experiment where sunscreen is painted on paper and the sun bleached the paper except for the painted portions. It sounded like fun!

How to test sunscreen on paper with a fun science experiment for preschoolers.
Test sunscreen on paper with this fun science experiment for preschoolers.

We added the Scientific Method as I have always wondered which type of sunscreen was more effective: rub-on or spray-on.

What is the Scientific Method? It is a way of finding a problem and searching for the solution, as provided by evidence. The Scientific Method requires four basic steps:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Make a hypothesis or a statement of truth
  3. Test hypothesis with experiments.
  4. Determine if your hypothesis was indeed true.

Question: Which sunscreen is more effective: Rub-on or Spray-on?

Hypothesis: Rub-on is more effective.

How do you test sunscreen on paper?

We have tried this sunscreen science project twice, with mixed results as you will see below. We used the same brand of sunscreen for both experiments and with the same SPF. As there were variations in shades between the various pages of construction paper, we folded each page in half. On one half the kid’s freestyle painted with sunscreen. On the other half of the paper, we sprayed sunscreen over the page. Then the papers were left out in the sun for a few hours.

Supplies needed to test sunscreen on paper.
Gather spray and rub-on sunscreen and construction paper for this experiment.

Supplies needed to make this sunscreen experiment

  • Construction paper – any color except for white
  • Sunscreen – spray and rub-on (the same brand and the same SPF)
  • Paper plate
  • Paintbrush (or you can use your fingers)

Note: We have done this experiment twice, with two different brands. You can see how each turned out below.

Directions for this preschool sunscreen experiment

Step 1 of the sunscreen science project is to fold your brightly colored construction paper in half.
Fold your construction paper in half for your sunscreen science experiment.

Step 1

Using brightly colored (or dark) construction paper, fold each sheet in half. Open your paper back up.

Step 2 for our sunscreen science project is to paint rub-on sunscreen onto one half of your piece of construction paper.
Use your fingers or a paintbrush to ‘paint’ a picture using rub-on sunscreen.

Step 2

Squeeze some of your rub-on sunscreen onto a paper plate. Use your fingers or a paintbrush to paint a fun picture on one half of your construction paper.

Step 3 for our sunscreen science project is to spray sunscreen onto the other half of your construction paper.
Spray your other sunscreen onto the other half of your construction paper.

Step 3

On the other half of your construction paper, spray your other sunscreen (making sure not to cover the entire paper). Put your pieces of paper outside in the sun for at least 3 hours and wait to see what happens.

Our finished sunscreen science project
Results for testing sunscreen on paper a science experiment for kids.
Results of the sunscreen science experiment on paper.

Solution: As you can see, we had slightly mixed results.

With the image above, you can see that the rub-on sunscreen remained white, however you can see where the paper faded and the darker outline around the sunscreen. With the spray sunscreen it left a faded white mark on the paper, although the paper did fade too.

For the below image (a different brand sunscreen), the sunscreen completely disappeared leaving both the spray and rub-on marks standing out on the sun-bleached paper.

Prep Time
5 minutes

Active Time
10 minutes

Additional Time
3 hours

Total Time
3 hours 15 minutes


Estimated Cost


  • Construction paper – bright or dark colors
  • Sunscreen – both rub-on and spray (same brand and same SPF)
  • Paper plate


  1. Fold your piece of paper in half.
  2. On one side, use a paintbrush or your fingers to draw a picture with the rub-on sunscreen.
  3. On the other side, spray a small amount of sunscreen.
  4. Put your piece of paper out in the sun for a minimum of 3 hours.

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Have you tried this sunscreen science experiment with kids? How did it turn out? What brand of sunscreen did you use?

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