The Salvation Army is not just the church!

The Salvation Army’s doctrine follows mainstream Christianity with an emphasis on God saving purposes, such as providing shelter to those who need it or giving donations at Christmas time when people might not be able to afford gifts themselves.

History of the origins of the organization

The “Salvation Army” as it’s known today started nearly 150 years ago when a man named William Booth saw how much people were suffering from abject poverty and decided he had to do something about this problem at its root cause – addictive behaviors; hoping his new methods would provide long-term support so their lives could improve not just temporarily but permanently. It worked: within five years there were already one thousand officers working across England offering spiritual guidance alongside practical help such as food parcels and clothing distribution!

Vacancies in Great Britain

For any questions regarding employment in the UK, please email – [email protected]

Five Zones – each headed by an International Secretary

The Salvation Army’s work in 132 countries is co-ordinated by our International Headquarters located just outside London, UK. At present, there are five Zones – each headed by an International Secretary.

These are:

IDS has three main focus points: poverty alleviation and empowerment for the poor; emergency relief assistance; and disaster reconstruction work with communities present before disasters occur, it is also committed to initiatives such as sustainable development programs or education reform projects when appropriate.

Current company information

CATEGORYDomestic Needs
TOP PERSONBrian Peddle
HEADQUARTERSAlexandria, Virginia

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