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The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

Did you know that Humble, Stumble, and Grumble love Halloween? It’s true! From Petrified Pumpkin Seed Mix to Grim Garlic Bread, our silly chef friends are always in the spirit of the season. 

This painted pumpkin craft makes an adorable alternative to carving and it’s a fun way to spice up the Halloween decor! If you’re excited to get started, say “yum yum!” 

Things you’ll need

The Bumble Nums Pumpkins
  • 3 small pumpkins
  • Craft paint – purple, turquoise, orange, white
  • Paint brush
  • 4 pipe cleaners of each color
  • 1” pom poms – 2 of each color for the hands
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

First, you will need a tall oval pumpkin and turquoise paint for Grumble, a small round pumpkin and some light orange paint for Stumble, and a wide oval pumpkin and some purple paint for Humble. 

The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

Paint one or all three pumpkins. Speed up the drying time with a hair dryer. Add a second layer of paint if needed.

The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

Glue the eyes in place. 

TIP: the positions of the eyes are different for each character. Matching this detail will make your pumpkins look more like the Bumble Nums. 

The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

Paint their circular Bumble Nums tummies and cheeks by mixing their color with a bit of white paint. Next, use a darker shade to paint their mouths and eyebrows. You can also use a marker to draw them if you like. 

The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

To make the arms and legs, fold your pipe cleaners in half and trim them to the size you want. Use a bamboo skewer or a toothpick to pierce holes for arms and legs. Place the cut end of the pipe cleaners into the holes. Add glue to your pom poms and sandwich them around the end of the pipe cleaners to make hands. Grumble has two tufts that can be folded and attached the same way. 

The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

Stumble has an orange tuft in the centre of his head. 

The Bumble Nums Pumpkins

Your Bumble Nums are ready to spice up the Halloween decor! Happy Halloween! 

Make some Bumble Nums Halloween Snack Mix! 

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