Can Thalassemia Minor Donate Blood

Should people with thalassemia donate blood? Usually thalassemia minor will not cause any serious symptoms like bone deformities except mild anemia only. There are usually a lot of regulations with blood donation. If you’ve answered all their questions honestly and pass the hemoglobin test , you are probably fine for now. Donating frequently can lead … Read more

Can Thalassemia Carrier Donate Blood

Thalassemia: What It Is & Can A Person Suffering From It Donate Blood Healthians However, some studies show that those having thalassemia may be at an increased risk of getting blood cancers and abdominal cancer than those who are not affected by this disorder. With appropriate investigations, thalassemia, its type and severity can be diagnosed. … Read more

Can Beta Thalassemia Donate Blood

New Therapy Can Treat Beta-Thalassemia, A Disorder Requiring Regular Blood Transfusions This And More News In Digital Health This Week Severe anemia and growth delays are indications for transfusions as well as clinical signs of erythroid expansion, including facial changes, bony expansion, and splenomegaly. The goal hemoglobin level for most transfusion regimens is pretransfusion hemoglobin … Read more