Can You Donate Used Breast Pump

Where Can I Donate A Breast Pump Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider. Do keep in mind that open-system pumps pose health risks and should never be shared under any circumstances. Be sure to throw out any used accessories such as breast shields, backflow protectors, teats, cap valves, and sealing … Read more

Where Can I Donate A Breast Pump

Sell, Recycle or Donate? What to do with an Old Breast Pump? Ask them if they’ve ever recycled a breast pump, and if so, where? Educate families on the complications surrounding selling and sharing breast pumps. There are many reasons parents might choose to donate or give away their breast pumps. Maybe you’ve completed your … Read more

Where To Donate A Breast Pump

Should You Recycle or Donate Your Breast Pump? My city has an electronic recycling program where they accept small electronics and small appliances. On their website, they had information about waste management and recycling programs. Don’t worry if your manufacturer doesn’t have a recycling program. Recycling your breast pump is very easy and can be … Read more

Where To Donate Breast Pumps

Recycling Breast Pumps : Why We Should and How to Create Your Own Recycling Program La Leche League USA Milk should be sealed and labeled with the date it was pumped. Avoid combining milk from more than one pumping session in the same container due to concerns of bacterial growth. Groff explains that this level … Read more

Can You Donate A Breast Pump

What to Do with Your Old Breast Pump Check with your local breastfeeding coalition, La Leche League chapter, hospital, or search for skilled breastfeeding support in your area. Everyone who decides to breastfeed should contact a lactation support person if they are experiencing troubles or have questions. Spectra suggests that you recycle your old Spectra … Read more