Should You Donate Underwear

How to Donate Underwear & Bras

A fresh pair of underwear just makes you feel better. When you put on a new pair you feel fresh and ready to take on whatever challenges may come your way. There are women, probably within miles of you, in need of bras. Gained or lost weight and your bras don’t fit anymore, so you have to buy new ones? Donate any of the old ones in good condition to one of the charities we discuss below. While we live our lives in excess, others live life with so little that they choose to pay for food or shelter over purchasing new undergarments.

However, you should not donate used underwear even if you know of a charity that will accept them. Foster care kids and other people need underwear, you can help them have it by donating to the organization close to you. For those who are based in the US, you can reach out to donate your toddler underwear to Planet Aid boxes. This organization reaches out to children in Africa, Latin, America, and Asia. This is important as you are giving this underwear to other kids like yours and they deserve something nice.

Donate Old Underwear to These Organizations, Instead of Trashing Them – Green Matters

Donate Old Underwear to These Organizations, Instead of Trashing Them.

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New, clean underwear also provides dignity and self esteem. Use your old underwear as scrap fabric for doll clothes—dresses, shirts, skirts, even tiny little doll underwear and diapers. Just make sure the old stuff is super clean, because otherwise, gross. I mean, if your dog is anything like mine, they’re kind of obsessed with your underwear already, am I right? I’m sure there’s some reason in that doggy brain that just attracts them to your underwear—I’m no expert in dog psychology, but I do see a potential recycling opp!

I Support the Girls – Donate

If it’s a bra in a color you never wear, go through your closet and look for an outfit that suits it. Lastly, keep anything that puts a smile on your face – even if it no longer fits – or pass it on to a friend or family member that you know will love it too. It can be hard to say goodbye to a favorite bra, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to make room for new bras that fit well and feel amazing. Hygiene and physical comfort are only a part of this basic human need.

Without your generosity and kindness we wouldn’t be able to carry on. Please know that we value each and every donation and that your help is making a difference. We all know kids love to play with toys and games, so you can donate some of your kid’s old toys and games.