Restaurant Pretend Play Order Forms

Restaurant Pretend Play Order Forms

The benefits of play for children are well documented. Not to mention it’s just plain fun! Little ones love dramatic play, especially revolving around food, so we’ve created Order Form Printables to help bring their restaurant pretend play to the next level!

To begin, download and print the Restaurant Pretend Play Order Forms. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for the best printing results. Cut out the order forms – there are a couple of order forms on each page and you can always print out more! If you have the option, you can laminate the order forms and use a dry erase marker to make your selections, that way you can reuse the same order form many times! There are order forms for a pretend pizza shop, pasta place, and ice cream parlor, and we have instructions on how to make play food for each of the food items. More on that below!

Pretend Pizza Shop!

Restaurant Pretend Play Order Forms

Make our Felt Pizza Craft & Activity and pump up the Pizza Party jams to go along with the Pizza Shop order forms! Take turns being the pizza chef and the customer. Make your selection on the order form and the pretend chef can assemble your pizza using the play food from the Felt Pizza Craft. The order forms are also a fun way to make real pizzas at your next pizza party! 

Pretend Pasta Place!

Restaurant Pretend Play Order Forms

Our DIY Pasta And Meatballs For Pretend Play activity is perfect to use with the Pasta Place order forms! We show you how to make pretend spaghetti and linguine pasta, as well as tomato sauce, meatballs, and all the fixings to make your pasta dreams come true!

Pretend Ice Cream Parlor!

Restaurant Pretend Play Order Forms

You can use the Ice Cream Parlor Order Forms to make your own delicious ice cream sundaes, or you can make your own Play Ice Cream Dough with our easy recipe. This play ice cream dough can be used over and over with different pretend toppings: use cut-up pieces of paper for sprinkles, red pom-poms for cherries, brown tissue paper for chocolate sauce, beads for the nuts, and cotton balls for whipped cream. You may notice an extra special topping at the bottom of the order form… broccoli! This is a little joke about one of our favorite songs, Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream! Are you brave enough to try it? Caitie and Tobee did!

Want more printables to up your restaurant pretend play? Print out The Bumble Nums Restaurant Play Set to go along with your order forms! With all these resources your pretend restaurant might start to feel like the real thing! We hope you have fun playing! And don’t forget… we’re also learning at the same time. High five, Super Simple fam! 

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