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Who We Are

The Planned Parenthood organization is one of the leading sexual and reproductive health care providers in America. Since its founding, it has made a commitment to ensuring that anyone who needs help with their healthcare will have access to it. They are also committed advocates for people’s rights and making sure they know what choices they can make about their bodies so that future generations don’t face discrimination or lack information like we do now.

A Key Role in Public Health

Planned Parenthood is the heart of the community, and we strive to be good neighbors in partnership with on-the-ground health organizations. Our expert providers are dedicated to providing high-quality care that’s compassionate and affordable for all genders (especially women). No matter what happens next, Planned Parenthood will always provide you access to safe reproductive healthcare services through our national network of 600+ centers operated by affiliates who live in your area.

Science-backed Education and Resources

Planned Parenthood is committed to educating people about sex and relationships so everyone can lead a healthy life. They deliver programs, resources, and tools in classrooms, communities, or online that help individuals make informed choices about their sexuality. Planned Parenthood’s mission includes advancing the health of young people by providing comprehensive education which is accurate (medical), responsive (culturally) equitable and accessible as well as inclusive of all gender identities, expressions & sexual orientations.

A Leader in the Fight for Reproductive Health, Access, and Rights

Planned Parenthood’s 17 million supporters nationwide are activists and donors committed to helping us promote policies that protect and advance access to a full range of sexual and reproductive care. The Planned Parenthood Action Network engages activists in every 50 states, getting them involved with campaigns that will help better our society as we strive for equality when it comes to women having the opportunity they need.

Advancing Global Health

Planned Parenthood provides much-needed support to many communities around the world. Their work with local leaders in Africa and Latin America has increased access to vital reproductive health care services, provided funding for family planning options, fostered sustainable healthcare programs by working alongside locals while fighting against legal and social injustices affecting global communities.

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