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Placenta Donation: Establishing A Birth Tissue Donation Program

Spell holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Placenta Donation, also referred to as Birth Tissue Donation, is the donation of the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic fluid following the delivery of a baby. Dependent upon the processor’s specifications, mothers that deliver their baby vaginally or by way of a cesarean section (c-section) are eligible to donate their birth tissue. These tissues can be utilized to heal various eye, oral, and spinal injuries as well as heal wounds such as ulcers and burns. Tissues that would otherwise be considered medical waste are now able to be utilized to restore health and provide a new quality of life for others. The implementation of a Birth Tissue program will impact future generations through positive relationships with donation and serves as a gift for expecting mothers to consider.

The Afterlife of Afterbirth MedPage Today – Medpage Today

The Afterlife of Afterbirth MedPage Today.

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A mother qualifies to donate her placenta if she does not have any disease that could be passed on to a patient who receives transplant products made from her birth tissues. BTR staff will draw blood and check medical records to ensure that the placenta can be donated. TelaGen helps mothers provide the gift of donation to donor recipients. It was created to expand the opportunity for mothers to give the gift of healing to those in need. We are dedicated to launching and developing new birth tissue donation programs with our partner OBGYNs and hospitals.

Can I Donate My Placenta After Birth?

Donating is free of charge and all donations are thoroughly screened to ensure that safe and effective grafts are provided to patients in need. Donated birth tissue requires a specific authorization, separate from a standard donor registration. Authorization for birth tissue is never assumed as part of a registration to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. Donate Life America is committed to increasing the number of lives saved and healed through organ, eye and tissue donation. You will be helping other people with products that heal wounds, or develop helpful new treatments. Information and documents are accessed only by trained, authorized personnel working in a secure environment.

The donor’s relevant medical records will be obtained and along with the screening interview responses and blood testing results used to assess the suitability of tissue for use. BTR and hospitals cooperate with each other by providing information to women so an informed voluntary decision to donate, or not to donate, birth tissue and placenta can be made. Deanna is a knowledgeable and versatile professional with diverse experiences in healthcare, client relations, marketing, project management and demonstrated skills in leadership and advocacy.

Is There an Age Limit for the Mother to Donate Her Placenta?

South Shore Hospital, part of South Shore Health, is the first hospital in Massachusetts to participate in the Placenta Donation Program, through a leading biopharmaceutical company. The company uses human placenta tissue to develop biologic therapies to help patients get their lives back on track. Click on the stories below to learn how each patient was helped through the gift of tissue donation. Placenta donation will not interfere with cord blood donation or the birth of your child.

  • Your doctor and our birth tissue team will work together on the date of your delivery to ensure a successful donation.
  • Please provide the name and phone number for an on-site event contact we can share with volunteers in case of last minute questions/cancelation/emergency.
  • The innermost layer of the placenta is made up of special cells that stimulate the body’s healing mechanism.

Willett has a performance history of developing successful relationships with sales agents in his region through mentorship and training. Willett’s focus on customer retention and satisfaction has been essential to delivering Tides’ expert service promise. From donation to transplant, the best interest of the patient is at the heart of every decision. We deliver products and service that make a real difference and never compromise patient safety. Tides Medical® created the Louisiana Organization for Transplant as an internal division focused exclusively on placenta acquisition.