Patient Access Network Foundation

Patient Access Network Foundation

The Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN) provides funding to thousands of patients who have insurance but can’t afford their medications. PAN works with pharmaceutical companies and other organizations that help cover the out-of-pocket costs for these individuals, so they don’t need to worry about taking care of themselves or find a way around the cost barriers just because they’re insured.

The challenge

One of the biggest issues with paying for medical care is that we need it when our health insurance premiums are high, deductibles and co-pays too expensive. Ultimately people end up foregoing necessary treatment to save money – which can be worse than not having coverage at all!

Too often patients don’t get treated because they lack healthcare insurane – or have limited options due to being uninsured. The result? People incur more costs in the long run just from trying to pay their deductible so you’ll never know what kind of life-threatening condition could come out without any warning!

  • 58% of Americans have delayed or gone without essential medical care because of high out-of-pocket costs.
  • $8,100 the average amount Medicare beneficiaries with cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and hepatitis C spent on their medications in 2021.
  • 4x Patients are four times more likely to abandon their prescriptions when faced with a co-pay of $50 or more.

Our mission

Many people are underinsured and cannot access the medications or treatments they need for life-threatening chronic, rare diseases. The Patient Access Network Foundation Project provides assistance with out of pocket costs as well as advocating for improved access to affordable medicine.

Current company information

TOP PERSONDaniel J. Klein
HEADQUARTERSWashington, District of Columbia

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