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Collection Development Policy

We do not state these propositions in the comfortable belief that what people read is unimportant. We believe rather that what people read is deeply important; that ideas can be dangerous; but that the suppression of ideas is fatal to a democratic society. Freedom itself is a dangerous way of life, but it is ours. We cut off literature at the source if we prevent writers from dealing with the stuff of life.

The battle over books in Tampa Bay’s public schools – WUSF News

The battle over books in Tampa Bay’s public schools.

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It is the responsibility of publishers and librarians to give full meaning to the freedom to read by providing books that enrich the quality and diversity of thought and expression. By the exercise of this affirmative responsibility, they can demonstrate that the answer to a “bad” book is a good one, the answer to a “bad” idea is a good one. Book donations are accepted with the understanding that the library may make whatever use of the material it feels is appropriate. Items are evaluated on the same basis as purchased materials and may be added to the library’s collection, donated to the Friends book sale to benefit the library, or disposed of at the discretion of the library.


Expurgation of any library resource imposes a restriction, without regards to the rights and desires of all library users, by limiting access to ideas and information. Only the Collection Development Services Manager and a Libraries Administrator may remove items from the collection after an informal or formal evaluation. At no time may any other library staff member remove an item from the collection either permanently or temporarily after receiving a patron complaint.

  • The PCLS falls under the Board of County Commissioners of Pasco County, Florida, and is part of the Pasco County Public Services Branch.
  • Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.
  • Furthermore, all copies of a title remain in the circulating collection, available to patrons, until a final determination has been made either through an informal or formal evaluation process.
  • The Friends of the Library is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership of the Corporation for terms of three years.
  • Weeding is an essential element of collection development that ensures the library’s materials are helpful and accessible.

The act of expurgation denies access to the complete work and the entire spectrum of ideas that the work is intended to express. Expurgation based on the premise that certain portions of a work may be harmful to minors is equally a violation of theLibrary Bill of Rights. Expurgation without permission from the rights holder may violate the copyright provisions of the United States Code. A medium-sized community library is a facility designed to support the leisure, informational, educational, and recreational needs of the immediate surrounding community.

The people should have the freedom to read and consider a broader range of ideas than those that may be held by any single librarian or publisher or government or church. It is wrong that what one can read should be confined to what another thinks proper. The decision of rights holders to alter or expurgate future versions of a work does not impose a duty on librarians to alter or expurgate earlier versions of a work. Librarians should resist such requests in the interest of historical preservation and opposition to censorship. Furthermore, librarians oppose expurgation of resources available through licensed collections.

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Because the evaluation is informal in nature, the patron will not be notified of the outcome. Preschool Storytime for children ages 3-5 years and their caregiver. Registration will begin 2 weeks before the event and is required for each child. Visit the Friends of the Library of Collier County website to learn more about how the Friends fund the expansion and enhancement of educational, recreational and technological needs at all Collier County Public Library branches. Click here to apply for a library card to access digital resources from home.

Creative thought is by definition new, and what is new is different. The bearer of every new thought is a rebel until that idea is refined and tested. Totalitarian systems attempt to maintain themselves in power by the ruthless suppression of any concept that challenges the established orthodoxy. The power of a democratic system to adapt to change is vastly strengthened by the freedom of its citizens to choose widely from among conflicting opinions offered freely to them.

Collection Development Policy

We here stake out a lofty claim for the value of the written word. We do so because we believe that it is possessed of enormous variety and usefulness, worthy of cherishing and keeping free. We realize that the application of these propositions may mean the dissemination of ideas and manners of expression that are repugnant to many persons.