Lutheran Services in America

Lutheran Services in America

Lutheran Services in America is one of the largest and most well-known health organizations in the United States, with over 300 member faith-based social ministry programs across all 50 states. These ministries are guided by a godly call to act as loving neighbors for those who need it most – including seniors, children, youth and families; people living with disabilities or other special needs; veterans struggling after their time served abroad; immigrants seeking refuge from an uncertain future back home (or looking to come into this country); homeless individuals trying desperately find shelter under any circumstance they can manage. Our network reaches 1 out of every 5 Americans annually through these services that touch lives on such personal levels making Lutheran Services truly unique among large charities today!

Network Highlights

  • Aggregate annual revenues of close to $22 billion 
  • Serve 6 million people – 1 in 50 – in the U.S. each year 
  • Employ close to 250,000 
  • Engage approximately 150,000 volunteers
  • Named to The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s “America’s Favorite Charities 2018” list

What We Do

Lutheran Services in America is committed to their mission: “Guided by God’s call to love and serve our neighbors, Lutheran Services in America serves its members through leadership development, innovative problem solving collaboration sharing best practices expanding faith based connections partnering funding opportunities. In an effort for a stronger network of connected people with thriving communities.”

We Serve All

We come together to fight for the vulnerable and low-income Americans in need. All across America, our network has a vast reach and tremendous diversity: we impact children, youth, families; seniors; people living with disabilities; veterans and refugees alike–in both rural areas as well as urban centers.

Current company information

CATEGORYDomestic Needs
TOP PERSONCharlotte Haberaecker
HEADQUARTERSWashington, District of Columbia

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