Is The Women’S Shelter Accepting Donations

Is The Women'S Shelter Accepting Donations These non-profits generally

Nonprofit Organization For Women & Children Donate Clothes To Charity

Some churches work hand in hand with different group of people who need some hand-me-downs and hand-outs. For example, my local homeschool co-op is currently doing a men’s sock drive for the Angel House Soup Kitchen run by Austin Baptist Chapel because that is one of their biggest needs in terms of clothing. Make sure to call ahead of time and ask what their specific needs are for clothing, asking what type, size, or gender of clothing they have the most need for right now. This post was sponsored by Burlington Stores but the opinions and text are 100% mine. We Can not accept any furniture/upholstery that is damaged, stained, broken or missing parts. I have a ton of used clothes but would also prefer not to bring them to Goodwill if there are other places similar to SAFE that I can donate to instead.

There’s a new thrift shop in Tacoma where you can get discounts, help folks in need – Tacoma News Tribune

There’s a new thrift shop in Tacoma where you can get discounts, help folks in need.

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A lot of these organizations fly under the radar, so you may have never heard of them. These non-profits generally focus on helping low-income women that are ex-convicts, ex-addicts, or from underprivileged areas. We will do our best to fill special requests of clothing type, coats & shoes but it depends on our inventory. We have private dressing rooms and volunteers on-hand to guide our shoppers to the appropriate sizes, needs and wants. Our boutique includes a Children’s play area with volunteer sitters on-hand to keep the children busy, playing and learning!

Many companies match employee donations to charitable organizations or offer grants for an employee’s volunteer time. There are also likely many other crisis shelters in your area that serve individuals who are homeless, pregnant teens, new moms, victims of domestic violence, or disabled. One of the nation’s leading intimate partner violence centers, helping thousands of battered women and their children. These women’s charities support Ontario shelters in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and communities across the province including Windsor, London, and more. Your donation makes a huge difference to the women and children we serve.

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One of my favorite places to give clothes away to is a women’s shelter. However, knowing where to donate clothing, or what to do with all our old clothing, was something I didn’t think too much about before. I would simply take them to the best place to drop off old clothes – Goodwill – and not think twice about it. Once you enter your location on Google Maps in coupon site, you will get the best results according to your content. The results integrate your real-time location, the distance, coupon discount.

Donating your gently used business attire can help these women get a leg-up in life. Many communities work together to gather clothing donations during these times of crisis thanks to the American Red Cross or other similar organizations which accept clothing donations. Ask at local churches about how to donate to women in need. Many women’s shelters are in regular contact with and receive funding from religious groups.

Even though we had already donated many of our coats since moving to Texas, my daughters had some jackets that they have outgrown, and which have been replaced recently. If you donate a coat, share your story on Twitter or on Instagram with the hashtag #CoatNotes and your story could be featured on ABC’s Good Morning America. Donated coats stay locally within each store and are given to those most in need.

Where to Donate Women’s Professional Clothing: Top 7 Places

Thank you for your generosity and compassion for those in crisis due to domestic violence. Call your local Department of Human Services if you have trouble finding a women’s shelter. “She and her husband Greg have been longtime supporters of Women’s Place … so it’s important for them to see the impact of their support and what it means for those experiencing gender-based violence,” she said. Donating your professional clothes can help someone land a job – which genuinely is life-changing. Vietnam Veterans of America is a great organization that collects many types of donations and distributes them to veterans of all types and their family members. Become a personal shopper, coordinate a donation drive; on or off-site (clothing, accessories, shoes, snack packs, diapers and more!), facilitate corporate and community outreach and/or become a sort leader.

The Slaights in recent weeks have donated $2 million each to United Way Niagara and Pathstone Mental Health. Braet said the donation is the second largest Women’s Place has received. Braet said a pet shelter would have a huge impact as well. “We’ve received funding in the past, but it has run out or it’s been a temporary funding opportunity for us.

  • There are a number of gift options to consider, so please work with your lawyer and financial advisor to choose the option that works best for you.
  • I recommend starting with a search for local non-profits to see what you find.
  • Contact local shelters directly whenever possible to ask them about procedures for donating clothing.

Local churches can often give you information on how to make a donation, or will even accept and deliver the donations for the shelter themselves. The WGB Store is filled with donated clothing, accessories, shoes and more, for both women and children. Our clients are qualified by their case managers, and are most typically living in shelters or part of a transitional program in and around the Greater Washington DC area. The most common method of donating your old clothing is to simply drop off your garments at a large thrift store such as the Goodwill or the Salvation Army. However, giving clothing directly to those in need by finding a specific donation center, such as a women’s shelter, can be far more gratifying. These charities are leading national advocacy efforts, helping women and children escape abuse, and giving women in shelters a sense of hope.


Another option for giving away professional clothing locally is to advertise them for free on local groups. If you have many items to donate, they’ll even come and pick them up from you for free. Well, if you’re looking to make a difference, you can donate them along with any other types of gently-used professional clothing you no longer need.