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Donatos gives a good pizza, and a good presentation Ohio University

But for Donatos founder Jim Grote, the almighty dollar never came before the almighty pizza. From the start, Grote was obsessed not just with making the best pizza but with making it consistently. "When a person comes in, they get a pizza and they like it," Grote told Family Business. "When they come back, they expect to have the same good pizza." From the moment Grote took over Donatos, he was adamant about serving the highest-quality product. In the decades since, "to give a good thing" has been applied to other areas of the business beyond the kitchen.

Grote stayed involved in the business after it was purchased by McDonald’s. But, four years after McDonald’s had purchased the pizza company, it was struggling and McDonald’s stock was plummeting. It was Jane who persuaded her father to buy back their business. "I didn’t know if I really wanted to do it again," Grote told Family Business. The same year that it expanded into Germany, the pizza chain lost millions of dollars, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Wanting to take the company back into family hands and returning to their core, Grote Abell and Grote decided to buy their company back. They believed in their company and their people, and went back to the simple mission of serving the best pizza. Once back to the essence of Donatos, the company was able to achieve its five-year plan in one. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Grote worked to solve the problem of cutting consistent slices of food for their pizzas, and use the same amount of ingredients. He ended up designing a patented machine, which propelled him to create the Grote Company.

Sadly, they don’t have a replacement or refund policy at this time but visit their site regularly, and they may, in time, provide additional info on returns or refunds. Many brands offer a loyalty program to thank clients for buying from them, and so does Donatos. Their Donatos Pizza Love Rewards program is a great method for saving money on your order. Using the program, clients get points for each dollar they spend. Plus, sign up for email so you can get all you can from your purchases. Using these coupons is a bit harder as they are only used on specific deals.

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They are famous for their thin crust pizza, which gets loaded with toppings from edge to edge. They boast that their large pepperoni pizzas offer more than a hundred pieces of pepperoni. And starting in 2009, they began to offer an option to get your pizza with a hand-tossed crust. If you forget about the fact that this dish isn’t exactly a grilled cheese pizza, you’ll find yourself enjoying the ingredients Donatos uses. They are premium quality and fresh, and each new bite will prove it.

  • The crust makes the bottom side of the grilled cheese, and bread crumbs should represent the top side.
  • The chain of Donatos Pizza stores is an American chain for delivering pizzas, with its headquarters located in Gahanna, Ohio.
  • This was granted, preventing Pizza Hut from selling the product in markets where Donatos operates.
  • According to the company, it was the largest single order in Donatos’ 57 years of operation.

The company has an extensive philanthropic history, particularly when it comes to helping organizations in its home state of Ohio. It also established the ​​Donatos Family Promise Fund to support employees at any level in need of financial assistance. You won’t find many family-run businesses that can go toe-to-toe with giant corporations.

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The pizza chain has been a longtime partner of Ohio State University, which is a perfect fit for both the higher education institution and restaurant. Not only is the university also located in Columbus, but it’s also where Donatos founder, Jim Grote, and his daughter, executive chairwoman of the boardJane, both went to school. Donatos’ biggest presence on campus is at the school’s football stadium, where it has been selling pizza at concession stands for years, according to Columbus Business First. If there’s not a game on the schedule, don’t fret — there’s always the Donatos restaurant located right on campus. The growth of the business attracted an offer from McDonald’s to acquire the company.

Donatos Pizza offers catering, but according to the company’s menu planner, a single restaurant typically caters meals for groups ranging from 15 to 50 people. So when an order for 12,000 people came in March 2020, it was clear the chain was in uncharted territory. The two chains later came to an agreement that reportedly involved a cash settlement, according to Columbus Business First.

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder. The Donatos Pizza Love Rewards program can help you earn a free pizza. Just sign up for it and start earning points to get a free pizza and other kinds of great member benefits. Most Donatos locations normally will take all available Donatos coupons.

Grote Abell was no longer comfortable making mistakes, taking risks and being curious. She began to play the game, putting on armor on before going to work every day. Grote Abell noticed that she no longer acted in a way that was true to her beliefs. Her actions were not matching what she knew to be the true mission. “We have a contract with our customers that every pizza you eat will taste the same as the very first one you had at Donatos,” Grote Abell said.

No doubt a worthy cause, but there was still the issue of making enough pizza for 12,000 people. In order to conquer this tall task, 62 different Donatos restaurants combined their efforts to cook what was likely a previously unfathomable amount of pizza. According to the company, it was the largest single order in Donatos’ 57 years of operation. In the fall of 2002, Donatos opened its first international store in Munich, followed quickly by two more locations in the country. Tom Krouse, then-senior vice president of marketing at Donatos, said the company focused on Germany because the pizza market there, "is pretty fractured and is pretty low on the quality end." Though Grote was reluctant to sell his businesses, his long-term dream was to sell Donatos pizza around the world, a goal that a fast food giant like McDonald’s could make happen.

But Donatos was reluctant to join forces with another company. Having witnessed their business take a downturn while under the control of McDonald’s, Donatos was apprehensive to hand over their product to someone else again. "They were understandably cautious about it when I first approached them," then-Red Robin CEO Denny Marie Post told Nation’s Restaurant News. According to Donatos CEO Tom Krouse, "Having another company take control of our product is not something we take lightly." The chain may be responsible for introducing Columbus-style to the rest of the country, but credit for this take on pizza belongs elsewhere. According to Slice, Columbus-style pizza was the brainchild of Romeo Siri and brothers Dan and Jim Massucci.

It would prove to be an incredibly wise and life-changing decision for the budding restaurateur. THE Queen says her biggest regret during her reign is failing to visit Aberfan immediately after the coal slide which killed 146 people in 1966, it has been reported. Sometimes a client might want to get a refund or exchange a purchase.

The concept brought in good early returns and began to expand. In June 2021, the burger chain announced plans to add Donatos to 120 more stores, according to Restaurant Business. That would put pizza on the menu of more than 200 Red Robin restaurants.