Is Donating Eggs Dangerous

Egg donation: What’s the process and is it safe?

For one thing, it’s not common practice for fertility doctors to formally follow up with donors after a procedure, unless the women are specifically at risk of OHSS. Several physicians told me that they simply invite donors to get in touch if there’s a problem. Some women do so, but others may have already left town, or they’re told by brokers not to contact doctors directly. Health concerns can also turn up weeks, months or even years after the donation. By that point, it’s not clear if they’re related, so some donors don’t mention these issues to their fertility doctors.

Doctors often respond by pointing out that a woman starts puberty with around four hundred thousand eggs and, in her lifetime, will ovulate about four hundred of them at most. As well, the eggs recruited in donation would have been shed that month anyway. When six of the donors I interviewed later requested medical records from their doctors, information about the number of eggs retrieved was sometimes missing. Only three of the fourteen files even contained a record of the surgical procedure the donors underwent to have their eggs removed. Every doctor knows that it is his or her legal obligation to provide full medical records to patients upon request.

Fertility Drugs – moderate weight gain, mood changes, stomach pressure, headaches, allergic reaction, Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome of the ovaries (5% chance in any cycle). In very rare cases, hyperstimulation could lead to enlarged ovaries and an increased susceptibility to develop blood clots necessitating hospitalization. In very rare cases it may also lead to the development of fluid in the abdomen or lungs, kidney failure, or stroke.

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However, what you receive is financial compensation for the inconvenience and possible risks. The greatest satisfaction a donor feels after completing the whole process is that of having helped someone else have a child. Egg donation plays a key role in fertility treatment for patients who are not suitable candidates for IVF using their own eggs. There are many factors for egg donors to consider from both a physical and emotional standpoint before participating.

And some donor agencies will pay up to $50,000 per cycle, according to Martineau. Egg donors deserve at least the same treatment as other patients—and, arguably, better. After all, they are young and healthy, and they undertake medical treatment for another person’s benefit. They deserve to know the truth about the health risks they face, and, wherever possible, to have those risks reduced. Not long after, Anna was prescribed the drug metformin, often used to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome—a hormone imbalance that can cause irregular menstruation.

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  • But unfortunately, most agencies and clinics still push pretty hard for that blanket anonymity.
  • “Claire,” who donated in Toronto about eight years ago, had no ill effects.
  • For this reason, egg donors are generally more valued than sperm donors.

The IVF procedure is ideal for men who can’t produce enough sperm or for females with fallopian tubes problems. A great question to ask is who is responsible for the bills if you experience any long-term complications. Do your own research, talk to past donors , and pay attention to some of what is being said to you in those meetings. I’m older now, wiser even, and sometimes I think about the girl I used to be and how much she probably could’ve benefited from the information I’m about to share with you now.

When you twist an enlarged ovary, this can cause severe abdominal pain. This is why most women are advised to avoid strenuous activities after the procedure. It takes about 7 or so days for the ovaries to shrink. Egg donation is a process where one female donates her eggs to another female who is not able to produce healthy eggs or who has second infertility. There are numerous reasons why a woman may be unable to produce healthy eggs.

Is egg donation safe?

I did stop throwing up after I finally did have a bowel movement — eight days later. On the other hand, the follicular puncture is a short surgical intervention performed under sedation. There are no special risks beyond those of the anesthesia received. It is carried out to obtain the eggs from the egg donor. For Griffin, the Facebook group was the only place where she could discuss the day-to-day process leading up to an egg donation. "It’s a huge deal for me to have other people, even virtually, who have any idea [what it’s like]," she said (Martineau, Wired, 4/23).

Mental health screening is done for all donors to minimize this risk. Tober added that part of the problem is a lack of research into the effects of egg donation. "There’s a huge lack of data there to really to make informed decisions," Tober said.

Women who are between the ages of 31 and 35 may also be accepted if they produce healthy eggs. Once you receive a medical and psychological clearance, your profile is uploaded into a database that is only viewable by patients who are in search of an egg donor. To enroll in an egg donation program, you must first fill in an application.