How To Donate Spells Clash Of Clans

Do spells count as donations?

Each Spell donated will count towards the Sharing is Caring achievement. In Clans that are level 3 or below, players can only donate 1 spell to each request; in level 4-7 clans, players can donate 2 spells to a request, and in level 8 or higher clans, players can donate 3 spells to a request.

How long can you AFK in COC?

The game does have a 5 minute inactivity timer, after which you will be given a prompt to reload (and presumably you become vulnerable as soon as that prompt appears). However, if you keep the game active by moving every few minutes, you can avoid attack indefinitely.

Can you donate gems in clash Royale?

Clan members are able to donate an amount of gems (eg. 2) every so often (24 hours for example). These gems then go into a clan gem fund which can then be used to host clan tournaments.

How do I stop getting attacked in Clash of Clans?

Obviously, the best way to avoid collector raids in Clash of Clans is to keep your collectors empty. Checking in a couple of times a day and tapping collectors, even if you can’t raid, is a good way to keep the free loot the enemy can take from you to a minimum.

How much Gold can you lose COC?

“The percentage of Gold and Elixir that can be stolen from mines and collectors is 50% and is capped only by the storage capacity of the resource collector.”

How do you send gems in Clash of Clans as a gift?

No, gems can’t be transferred. You can buy gifts for your clan on some special occasions.

How do you get good at Clash of Clans fast?

  1. Protecting your Clash of Clans account.
  2. Save your Clash of Clans gems.
  3. Repairing the clan castle.
  4. Maximising Clash of Clans gold and elixir reserves.
  5. Prioritise attacks on the opponent’s town hall.
  6. Always empty the opponent’s clan castle before attacking.
  7. Don’t throw all your troops in at once.
  8. Improve its military camps.

Can you donate your gems in Clash of Clans?

Purchasing the gifts at the first opportunity is recommended if you are sure you want to share the gems with your clan. As of right now, there is no other way to send gifts to another player in Clash of Clans.

What does 1 gem donations mean?

1 Gem Donations – Quick donate troops at the cost of 1 Gem per troop. Builder Boost – Buildings and Heroes require fewer resources and less time to build and upgrade. Research Boost – Troop, Spell, and Siege Machine upgrades in the Laboratory cost fewer resources and take less time to finish.

What is the highest loot in COC?

The biggest loot in coc is over a million gold and a million elixir.

What is COC creator code?

Creator Codes were introduced to Clash of Clans in the October 2019 update and allow players to support their favourite creators. The creator code can be entered within the settings section in game.

How do you enter cheat codes in Clash of Clans?

  1. Log in to your Clash of Clan account.
  2. Then you go to your account dashboard.
  3. When there, click “Settings”
  4. Here you will find the “Redeem Gems” option.
  5. Enter your Promo Code and click “Get” to redeem it.