How To Donate Spells Clash Of Clans

Donate Spells Clash of Clans Guide

Freeze, jump, heal and rage are viable spells to donate making much impact in an attack, so Supercell nerfed it to have an advantage but not so much to cause imbalance. The Poison spell is used to slow down and kill enemy troops from the Clan Castle. The scaling damage, unfortunately, doesn’t work on Heroes, making it pretty much useless against them.

Only the Clan leader or a co-leader can manage Clan members. To do so, navigate to your Clan’s page, then tap Clan Members. Then, you can browse through your Clan members and tap the player profile of the member you wish to promote, demote, or kick. Red shields and swords mean the clan member opting out of clan wars. Their spot will be passed to the next available clan member. You can access your war availability through the “My Profile” screen.

What does 1 gem donations mean?

Once you reach Town Hall 6, there will be plenty of work for all the builders. To get the 4th builder, clear unwanted bushes and trees in the home village, then open the gem box as soon as it arrives. This should activate the 4th builder if you don’t see it available yet. You can choose “Quick Donate” in the donation menu, which allows you to donate any units you’ve unlocked instantly using Gems without needing the cost or time to train them. Freeze, jump, heal, and rage are viable spells to donate.

  • The Trader is a non-combatant who sells Magic Items for Gems.
  • 10 Dragons will usually destroy a full TH7 village in about a minute and a half.
  • Similar to a Rage Spell, it boosts the movement speed of troops in its area of effect, but to a greater effect; however, the Haste Spell does not increase their damage.

So, when calculated, the total cost to max Town Hall 9 completely by buying gems would be about $1600. A swing of this magic hammer will instantly upgrade any troop to the next level in either village! The Hammer of Fighting will work on any troop or siege machine upgrade. You can continue earning loot by unlocking a new Versus Battles in advance by paying a sum in gems ; the button will appear below the two swords! In this way, you can continue to earn loot, albeit at a high price. Lightning Spell will no longer have any effect on the Clan Castle.

Can You Use Lightning Spells On A Clan Castle?

Though the game is known for its tactical battles, the Clan community is one of the most essential aspects of the game. Quick donations cost gems, but you can donate immediately without losing any troops. Archers, barbs, and minions for example are very small units, so they only cost 1 gem. The Rage Spell is the best spell in the game hands down. It makes your troops faster and stronger, making it great for destroying villages faster. Unlocked at Town Hall 7, this spell isn’t the cheapest to upgrade, but is definitely the most useful.

The Lightning Spell damages buildings and enemy Troops in a small radius, except for resource storage, the Town Hall, and the Clan Castle. We can not donate Elixir and gold to other clanmates in Clash of Clans. The only things we can donate to our clanmates are troops, siege machines, and spells. Clash of Clans is an online strategy game in which players use Elixir and Dark Elixir troops to attack opponents while also defending against opposing attacks.

If you destroy the Clan Castle with minions, then put your king/queen/warden down in the range of the Clan Castle, the giants won’t come out. Haste spellThe Haste spell is most effective in aiding slower but more powerful troops, such as Balloons, Dragons, Baby Dragons and P.E.K.K. As. It is also effective on troops with abilities that last only temporarily, such as the Sneaky Goblin, so that they can make use of the ability against their targets for longer. At level 5, the vat is covered by glass with a wooden stopper, its sides gain golden plates and spikes, and its legs are now reinforced with metal. I dont have time to explain everything, but heres the top couple reasons.

1 Gem Donations – Quick donate troops at the cost of 1 Gem per troop. Builder Boost – Buildings and Heroes require fewer resources and less time to build and upgrade. Research Boost – Troop, Spell, and Siege Machine upgrades in the Laboratory cost fewer resources and take less time to finish. 1 Gem Donations – Quick donate troops at the cost of 1 Gem per troop. Builder Boost – Buildings and Heroes require fewer resources and less time to build and upgrade.

Also, by being part of a clan, it allows you to work together to earn additional perks, bonuses and rewards! Your profile will proudly display your Clan name and clan badge when you become a Clan member. Villagers often clap next to buildings and obstacles to worship them. You can use the Villagers’ clapping to identify the location of the Hidden Tesla, as the villagers will ‘approve’ nothing .

Attacking lower levels bases than your own will result in fewer trophies. It is best to attack the same level or higher when looking for a match to get more trophies. The Trader is a non-combatant who sells Magic Items for Gems. He starts appearing in the Home Village once the player has upgraded their Town Hall to level 8.

Clans can be upgraded beyond level 10, however currently no new perks are unlocked. At level 2, the kegs’ wooden parts and the top of the building are now painted purple. The Spell Storage undergo significant visual changes at every levels. Absolutely not, any loot donation would both break the balance of the game, and work to undermine the entire purpose of it.

You can brew spells and drop them during the attack to empower your troops, weaken the enemy troops, spawn units, or damage the enemy buildings. So a townhall 8 and clan castle level 4 and up can now hold a spell in them. So we’re going to show you guys right here so you can request like normal so you want to lava hound. Is it that hard to think on your own that you miss the fact that you will basically never be able to find loot again? The ability to donate gold or elixir to clanmates through the clan castle.

A level 10 Town Hall cannot be destroyed with this spell, but its health can be pulled down to 1,275 hit points using 1 Earthquake Spell and 5 Lightning Spells. You can, however destroy a level 7 Town Hall with 1 level 3 Earthquake Spell and 4 level 6 Lightning Spells. Engineering bases are those bases that haven’t maxed their walls or defenses.

Purchasing the gifts at the first opportunity is recommended if you are sure you want to share the gems with your clan. As of right now, there is no other way to send gifts to another player in Clash of Clans. The Lightning Spell does damage to Buildings and enemy Troops in a small radius, with the exception of resource storages, the Town Hall, and the Clan Castle.