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I already make them for my church but I would like to start my own ministry. I am a retiree and I have a sewing machine and lots of time. Can you help me to accomplish this by advising me Where to send them and the area most needed? Good point Sherri about our own shoes, I also buy ours in the US for those same reasons – expense and poor quality here.

  • March Madness isn’t just for professional basketball players now.
  • You may even opt for corrective surgery.
  • The Chicago-based nonprofit organization Share Your Soles has brought more than 4 million pairs of shoes to impoverished families all over the world in the 19 years it has been operating.
  • Once we receive the sneakers from your shoe drive, we’ll pay you $1 for each pair you collected.

This idea incorporates an element of fun and excitement that draws in more of a crowd. Walkathons are the perfect community event to bring people together for a sports activity. Since it does not require a lot of technical or athletic skills, it will bring out a wide range of community members with all levels of activity. Have questions before you start your shoe drive? Look to our FAQ for the answers to our most recently asked questions.

These events are likely to bring in members of your community who appreciate the value of a good running shoe. ‘Fit for Purpose’ – not overly damaged. Footwear that doesn’t have holes in, or cause injury, basically, can be worn again. Shoe Aid accepts all footwear items, men’s, women’s and children’s.

Both hookworms and jiggers keep kids from going to school, running, and playing. They also prevent people from walking and working. People with hookworms and jiggers often become outcasts. These small parasites negatively impact every aspect of a person’s life. Hookworm or jigger start out so small it is nearly invisible; it burrows into a person’s skin and latches onto blood vessels. For jiggers, within days the it swells to over 1,000 times its size while continuously laying eggs.

New shoes mean a new identity for kids experiencing homelessness.

So many schools have athletic programs that would be the perfect opportunity to collect sneakers. You can set up a collection booth outside the school gym and collect gently worn, used, and new running shoes that they would be more than happy to donate for a good cause. A running shoe drive fundraiser prevents good sneakers from being thrown in the trash. Instead, the athletic shoes will be repurposed and given a new life with another owner. Make sure that your participants are aware of the benefits for the environment and thank them for their earth-friendly contribution to your fundraiser. You will be able to complement almost any type of fundraising event with the addition of a running shoe drive fundraiser.

I don’t know the answer to this stuff, I need to hear from an economist I guess! Even though it is hard to wrestle too. Agree that it’s expensive and usually not worth mailing it that far.

I’m from Chile, I remember when used closed from the US started to come to my country. The people that has more to say about it, and it felt the most offended by it where the middle and middle upper class families like mine. My family and my family friends founded offensive. I have seen people look through garbage to find something to eat and wear, and the condition of that clothes is so much worse that the one that it came from the US.

Are the government of poor countries do more for the poor any time soon for their poor people? Do you see any sign of that in the US? In Chile, like in the rest of the world the rich become richer and the poor more poorer. Yes, there are many anecdotical stories the about the one that became from nothing and made it. That is not the reality of the millions in the majority. It is incredible what human creativity can do with some clothes and a needle if given the opportunity.

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Ask yourself, really truly ask and demand an honest answer, Why do you want to send your used clothes to Africa? Why does it make you angry to hear it might not be helpful or that cash would be more useful? Does it challenge your ideas about the continent? A do-gooder-without-pain-or-real-sacrifice attitude? Does it make you feel guilty, confused, uncertain?

There is also a large number of poor families, including a little boy who runs in our street with no pants and no underwear, just a long t-shirt. Lucy and I have a pair of shorts on our front table, waiting for the next time he comes around. Local people, and I include myself while we live here, need to rise up and get involved in our own communities. Outsiders sending free things undermines that by giving local people, from the neighborhood level to top government levels, excuses. As an incredibly simple and effective fundraising method, shoe drives are a fantastic way to engage your community, set a great example, and raise some serious funds. Fundraising events will bring the community together and encourage a sense of camaraderie that is amazing to behold.

Sneakers4Funds will provide a pre-paid shipping bag for you to fill with your collected sneakers. Roughly sneakers will fit in each bag, but make sure the sneakers have their laces tied together or are rubber-banded together before going into the bag. It will ensure that pairs of athletic shoes stay together. I am in contact with a family in Gambia. I plan to send money for the woman to travel to Senegal for baby clothing and goods that she sells in her shop.

I have lived and worked in Africa for the past 5 years with the National Cycling Team. The bike was 30+ years old…..yes, the National Cycling team needs bikes but they’re professional cyclists. Save me the headache and the hassle of disposing of your unwanted goods and send us the $100 for a training camp, or a rider’s salary, or parts for a new bike.

Give them the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty. When you start your shoe drive with GotSneakers you simply collect used shoes from your friends, family and colleagues and then ship them to us using pre-paid shipping labels we’ll give you. Once we receive the sneakers from your shoe drive, we’ll pay you $1 for each pair you collected. Individuals in your community who were previously unable to support your organization financially may find it easier to part with their gently worn, used, and new running shoes.

Can you recycle old shoes?

At Soles4Souls, we accept all styles and sizes of new or gently-worn shoes. Sending actual shoes to Western Kenya is very expensive . Instead please domake a donationand we will use it to ensure as many people are given footwear as possible. Don’t forget to download our donor form and include one in every bag or box of shoes you donate.

I can really relate to what you wrote. I wrestle with how best to help every single day here. Sometimes the answers are incredibly painful and sometimes they aren’t answers, they are gropings in the dark, prayers for wisdom, confessions of ignorance.

Now imagine you suffered from poor vision but lived in a rural village in Guinea. In all likelihood, you would stumble about with poor vision for your entire life. Something as simple as corrective lenses would be beyond your reach. Donating your used shoes can make a world of difference.

The way the drive works is that SARA has partnered with Angel Bins. At the end of the drive Angel Bins will pay for the shoes collected. Sending actual shoes to our headquater in Kenya might be very expensive . Instead, most donors prefer making donations and we will use it to ensure as many people are given footwear as possible.