How To Donate School Supplies

Valley educators start GoFundMe to help buy school supplies

Do you have supplies or products at your office that aren’t being used but are taking up space? Across America more and more school districts are having to increase the amount of supplies students are required to provide due to budget cuts. Most teachers spend $500-$1000 a year on school supplies for which they are never compensated. Adopt-a-Classroom’s stated mission "is to give teachers a hand and provide needed classroom materials so their students can succeed". You can search for a specific classroom or teacher on their website.

We do not accept fabric-covered items like binders or journals, used stuffed animals or puppets, or used inflatable toys. White-out/correction tape, electric pencil sharpeners, rubber bands, tape , clipboards, staples, Post-it notes, binder clips, project folders, sheet protectors, and file folders. If you don’t see an item you’d like to donate below, see the list of other donation resources in Portland at the bottom of this page. If you would like to donate gently used supplies, hold on to them until September! We will resume accepting regular donation appointments again in September.

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Mule Creek stepped up in a big way, not only filling the shortfall of 100 backpacks, but going far beyond, collecting over 200 in five days. In all, the non-profit group ended up with 585 backpacks to help the community. The event featured free food, games, music, prizes, water toys, information about community services, and family activities. I’ve definitely approached shopping for school supplies a bit differently this year.

  • Engage the corporations, businesses, and individuals in your community who will help promote and support your project.
  • It expands its network for collecting donations at a minimal cost.
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  • Just be sure to research the organization beforehand to make sure donations are tax deductible.
  • PenGuyArt – this guy turns old markers, highlighters, dry erase markers into works of art.

There are also some items you don’t need to buy new every year, even if your kid would prefer you did. Backpacks, pencil boxes, binders, sharpeners, scissors, rulers—basically, anything that isn’t used up—can be recycled unless the supply list requires a specific substitute. Before you buy anything, take inventory of what you already have. Look in junk drawers, backpacks, desks, and cabinets to uncover stashes of pens, highlighters, erasers, and art supplies.

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Not all teachers are registered with the site, so you might not find your child’s teacher. Organize a school supply donation drive in your community or office. Many schools are in need of more than what one person can reasonably provide, so a joint effort can be very successful. ​Send thank-you letters to all who supported your drive, letting them know how much their support means. Let them know how many supplies were collected and how many students will be able to participate in their classroom activities because of your school supply drive. The Kids in Need Foundation is one of the largest charities in the United States.

A friend of mine recently opened a teacher reuse store where things that are no longer needed can be donated and teachers can shop the donations for free, if that makes sense. Partners have benefited from donations of back-to-school supplies. During the month of August, we are ONLY accepting donations of NEW school supplies for our back-to-school Supply Drives. Did we miss any information about charities that accept school supplies in your area?

Good quality backpacks can be pricey, so some families may struggle to afford durable backpacks for their children. When properly taken care of, backpacks may last for more than one school year, so students can get a lot of use out of them. Big-box stores are convenient, for sure, as you’re likely to find most of what you need in one place, and that’s worth some tradeoff in cost.