How To Donate Gold To The Temple Of Light

How do you donate to the temple of light?? Fable II Q&A for Xbox 360

If they don’t do the Defender of the Light quest, then they have the option to buy the Temple of Shadows for approximately 100,000 gold after returning from the Tattered Spire. I have heard about people getting blades and hammers as well. Some one had posted that they maxed out their experience and bought all upgrades by donating a large sum of gold at the temple of light, is this true? The post has since been removed. It is possible to purchase the Temple of Light if the player completes the Defender of the Light quest. It has a Base Value of 100,000.

So the best deal is to donate 1000 gold, so that way , every time u total 5000 u actually get +125purityand morality. Hitting start will open the menu, where it has a clock showing the time of day in the upper right. How much do you have to donate to avocado? Donate gold at the Temple of Avo during the day and sacrifice people at the Chapel of Skorm at night. On average you will need 50,000 gold to complete the Temple of Avo.

  • This side-quest is first available when you visit Westcliff for the first time.
  • Of course you can give as much as you like, but above 5000 gold coins, you get the same amount of points.
  • Sleeping in Castle Fairfax does not reverse this, but completing the Brightwood Tower quest once will still reverse the ageing.
  • Use it to make a donation to the temple.
  • You get morality and purity points for the cash you donate, though you have to donate at least 50 gold coins in order to earn anything.

However, a donation of 2500 gold will earn you 50 Good and 50 Pure points. A donation of 1000 gold will earn you 25 Good and 25 Pure points. A donation of 250 gold will earn you 10 Good and 10 Pure points. Therefore, it makes economic sense to give a bunch of small donations rather than one large one.

Sleeping in Castle Fairfax does not reverse this, but completing the Brightwood Tower quest once will still reverse the ageing. The gold that John saw in heaven was of such quality that it appears to be transparent in order to reflect the pure light of Gods blazing glory. The dendera light is a motif in the Hathor temple at Dendera in Egypt. And Gods ability to purify is not confined only to gold.

You do not need to purchase Brightwood Tower in order to access it. The temple contains several reliefs depicting Harsomtus in the form of a snake emerging from a lotus flower which is usually attached to. As the temple burned the gold and silver ornamentation melted and seeped between the cracks in the stones. In their zeal for a stipend the Roman soldiers took the temple apart stone by stone fulfilling Jesus prophecy in Matthew 2413. The Hero’s dog does not age during the game’s progression. If it did, it would live far past the expected lifetime of a dog .

How do I get rid of flies in Fable 2?

When the Hero first meets the Commandant they are ordered to obey his commands. Disobeying caused the collar around the Hero’s neck to paralyse them and drain experience. After which ever choices the Hero makes the Commandant then proceeds to physically assault the Hero and orders them to thank him for it. You can find it in the dungeon called Archon’s Knot, in a chest at the end of the dungeon. Archon’s Knot is a puzzle dungeon that opens up only after you have used Garth’s Cullis Gate to get to Wraithmarsh during the main quest.

How do you donate to the temple of light??

The sign is on the entrance to the new building after the player returns from the Tattered Spire. The weapon isn’t too spectacular however..really only should be gotten for completion’s sake. You’ll earn 75 Good and 75 Pure points in a single donation of 5000 gold or more.

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How do you complete donation to the light?

The lighting in Oakfield will also be a lot darker too. As soon as you have donated a cumulative total of 500 gold, Timothy Lightjoy will point out that you now have the honour of becoming the next Harvest Benefactor. There is a small glitch to The Rising Sun weapon in which you may be able to get another copy by leaving the area and returning just before the monk finishes speaking. The Temple of Shadows is a side quest in Fable II. This quest becomes available after completing A Bridge Too Far. The Temple of Shadows itself is located in the region of Rookridge. You must complete this quest if you wish to join the Temple.