How To Donate Clothes To Other Countries

Where to Donate Clothes: The Best Places to Check Out

Of course, that’s a good thing because people don’t need much money to purchase niche clothing. It also shows, according to Voget, that "due to poverty, the worldwide demand for second-hand clothing is on the rise." Donating for charity – that’s what most Germans think they’re doing when they drop used clothing into a collection bin. But their donations are a lucrative business that even affects developing countries. Formerly incarcerated people often need professional clothing for interviews when transitioning back to society. You can also search for nearby orgs that offer free professional clothing to figure out where to donate.

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Seriously, What Are You Supposed to Do With Old Clothes?.

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If you can’t do that or can’t find a tailor nearby, try to find a charity that gives clothing donations directly to people. Ricketts suggests St. Vincent de Paul, a national Catholic network that gives clothes to people in need. There’s nothing wrong with national charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army. But these places operate by selling donated goods and using the proceeds for their various programs. So your donations are more likely to end up in a thrift shop than in a homeless person’s wardrobe.

Tips When Donating Clothes to Homeless People

The Ukrainian Red Cross is receiving support from a Swiss organization. The International Medical Corps is part of the United Nations. Medical and mental health services are offered by the first responders’ organization inside and outside of Ukranian. She works hard to ensure her work uses accurate facts by cross checking reputable sources.

  • There are a number of options, including the UN humanitarian appeal fund.
  • Although the recent conviction of a Salvation Army warehouse director for selling donated toys on the side is a bit of a fluke, if you’re committed to giving, it helps to do your research, say charity-watchers.
  • "You can’t just hand them to someone, even in a thrift store, without some sort of bag." Sometimes, the bags are reused, but just as often, they’re thrown away.
  • If you wish to help with the costs of shipping clothing to needy people in various countries, please choose from the options below.

According to various news reports, the international trade in used clothing is big business. To start with, items that you donate should be clean and in good repair. Not only that, but you should make sure that the receiving charity actually needs what you’re hoping to give. Sandra Miniucci, vice-president of marketing at Charity Navigator, a U.S.-based charity watchdog, suggests calling the charity first to make sure they want your item. Donations are given directly to organizations that host coat drives. You can find a local coat drive sponsored by One Warm Coat here.

Renting Clothes Isn’t As Sustainable As You Think…Or Is It?

For Days is a circular sustainable brand that makes sure the clothes won’t get thrown away. The money you spend on the take back bag also gets applied to your account, where you can later use it on For Days’ organic cotton streetwear. Those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction can find a safe, supportive, and structured environment in these houses. Many residents may not have a lot of belongings or resources, so clothing donations can make a big difference.

Many cities have textile recycling programs where they may even pick up your clothing. They also equip them with the life and professional skills to transition into adulthood. Many churches give clothes away for free to those in need, or they may have a low-cost thrift store. Some churches perpetuate harmful ideas, however, so you may want to research their beliefs before donating. These centers provide free clothing and a safe environment for the LGBTQ+ community.