How To Donate A Timeshare To Charity

Donate Timeshare to Charity

There are a number of charitable organizations interested in these units as a way to raise money for their causes, but in order to do this, your loan needs to be paid off. Many owners are so desperate to flee the high costs of their vacation ownership they have found other ways to get rid of them. Recently, donating timeshares to charities has proved to be a hassle-free process for many owners. Apart from the cost of maintaining or reselling a timeshare property, a timeshare can be more of a burden than a respite. A quick way to remedy this problem is to offer it as a donation for charity.

Continue reading below, and we’ll answer the most common questions regarding timeshare donations. Once your timeshare donation is complete, you may be able to submit a tax deduction on your yearly return. The IRS states that you may file to deduct the “Fair Market Value” of your timeshare donation, should your gift qualify.


After the advertising costs, recording fees, title fees, the resort transfer fees, and also commissions, there is not much left to justify the hassle. This is probably why, like so many others, you are considering donating your timeshare. Giving Center makes it especially easy to donate a timeshare. There are many reasons why donating a timeshare is the best way to get out of your timeshare ownership. Yes, if we determine that your timeshare qualifies for donation, once the process is complete, you will be free and clear of the responsibilities of ownership. As long as your timeshare can be accepted into our program, our service is guaranteed to relieve you of the obligations of vacation ownership.

  • If you fail to value the donated item correctly, the IRS may deny your entire deduction, even if you underestimate the value.
  • This is because the IRS will only recognize a deeded timeshare as a real estate interest.
  • We will then use the timeshare to aid our charity; providing assistance to families, individuals and other organizations among the community, unless otherwise noted by the donor.
  • Although you may pay a large sum, there is no guarantee that your ownership will sell.

You may be able to receive tax benefits from donating a timeshare. The IRS states that non-cash donations can be submitted for a tax write-off using Form 8283 for donations valued over $500. If your CPA or financial advisor determines the fair market value of your timeshare to be over $5,000 you will also need to submit an appraisal with your return.

Are timeshares hard to sell?

Note that these appraisals can be quite expensive with most costing more than $500. If you need to get an appraisal for tax purposes, get it in writing that the appraiser will guarantee their appraisal in tax court. You can more information regarding charitable donations at the IRS Website . In recent years, thousands of timeshare owners have struggled to sell their timeshare week and have turned to the idea of donating the property proceeds to charity instead.

Her real estate, business and finance articles have appeared on a number of sites, including Motley Fool, The Nest and more. Currently there are several methods to give-away or donate your timeshare. Lastly,your timeshare must be paid in full with the resort or resort’s lender. Firstly,you must first determine the Fair Market Value of the timeshare. Understand that timeshares,even Club Wyndham and Hilton Grand Vacations,depreciate rapidly and immediately upon purchase.

What happens if I stop paying my timeshare maintenance fees?

Sign the new deed after the broker has sold the timeshare and closed the sale. It usually takes three to four months from the time you donate to close a sale. 5 Sign the new deed after the broker has sold the timeshare and closed the sale.