How To Donate A Dog To The Police Department

How To Donate A Dog

Their donors tend to be name-brand corporations and local businesses, and police departments admit openly that foundations allow them to make acquisitions the taxpayers wont cover. If your club has worked with the local police K-9 unit before, you may already have contacts that can help you get started. If you’ve never reached out to the local police department, give them a call to introduce yourself and tell the department about your club’s support of purpose-bred dogs like police K-9s. If the department is looking for a new police K-9, explain that your club can raise money to support the purchase of a new dog, and that AKC Reunite matching funds are available to help.

  • This can be if they have to speak about a trying time in their life in front of the court or if they are living in disaster areas that need immediate clothes, food, and help.
  • A tracking dog follows his nose and can locate everything from bits of evidence to bodies.
  • Check if the letter has details about the organizations programs, past successes, and plans to use funds in the future.
  • A dog’s duties and aptitude for police work will be determined by his trainer.
  • This is a good idea because some people worry that this is a vicious dog, so it is important that people consider the personality and training of the dog before deciding to buy one.

Some large departments have their own K-9 training programs and may be willing to take in a donated dog. Some small departments that don’t have extra funds to spend on European imports may consider a donated dog. Some departments may want to take in another dog, but don’t have the funds in the budget for required training. The National Police Dog Foundation is always taking applications for volunteers.

How To Give Your Dog To The Police Force

As a nonprofit professional she has specialized in fundraising, marketing, event planning, volunteer management, and board development. This fundraising idea is an obvious play on getting bailed out of jail. Your police department can set up a “jail cell” in the middle of a park or shopping center. Make sure there is a lot of foot traffic so you can get enough interaction. It isn’t fun unless everyone takes part, so make sure everyone is involved in one way or another.

Paul was also the membership director of the American Police Dog Tactics Association. Paul was an asset to the K-9 community and will greatly be missed. If a police K-9 unit is not part of your agency’s annual budget, seek financial support through grants for K-9s and community fundraising.

Donations include the dog, handler school, certification, free in-service training and annual re-certification. Departments receiving dogs through our police dog donation program must attend a handler school at our facility. Police dogs bravely protect the public and their officer handlers from dangerous criminals, or help scavenge for evidence and contraband undetectable to the human nose. Departments are no less choosy about a canine than they are a human recruit, thus may eschew offers of dog donations.

Do police take German shepherds?

But these dogs are also very easy to train because of their intelligent nature. Jake was donated to the Alexander County Sheriffs Office, NC and was the first dog that Highland Canine Training, LLC donated back in 2006. Jake has had numerous felony arrests resulting from successful suspect tracks and narcotics searches. The cost to train and place a Service Dog is approximately $25,000. Your generous sponsorship will provide every advantage an at-risk rescue dog needs to become a trained Service Dog for a Warrior.

Does it go to a crowdfunding campaign for an individual or to a charity? If the money is going to an individual campaign organizer, are you sure that person will pass the money on to the cause you want to support? Confirm with whoever posted the link that they know the person behind the fundraising.

The book was written by School Resource Officer Mike Scola, and features facts about Ace, his daily routines and responsibilities as a community resource dog. Before you relinquish your pet to a shelter, find out if there are other options. His main focus includes sketches, plays and online comedy videos. Campion has taught at the Center for Creative Youth and written for Brown University’s The Brown Jug.

Semper K9 Supporters

All you have to do is create a campaign on Donorbox, select from the 2 available text-to-give plans, and enable text-to-give on the dashboard. You can share the same with your donors along with the designated texting number. Your donors can send the campaign ID to that number to initiate the process. They’ll receive a mobile-friendly donation page link where they can easily make a donation. The next time they want to repeat the same donation, it’s even quicker and easier – no more filling out forms and inputting details ! Whether it’s because of arrest videos or the Black Lives Matter movement, police are faced with bad publicity and diminishing support in many communities.