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Closer Lookprovides that weekly connection. As a radio network, we are required by FCC law to broadcast programs that educate listeners on issues affecting their city, state or nation. As a ministry, K-LOVE fulfills that obligation with public affairs shows that spotlight topics listeners care about, like health, safety, lifestyle, family and faith. In addition, we offer weekly Closer Looks for local K-LOVE cities, on our individual stations, identifying and addressing important community issues. If you need to cancel your monthly donations, simply login to

They’re probably still playing the same 5 songs. You can visit our Station Finderpage to search for stations using zip code or city name. We understand that sometimes news may have content that is not encouraging; please consider praying for areas or people impacted by tragedy. We do work hard to try to include stories that are faith based and may not always be covered by mainstream media.

Jobsat (this is a link under “About Us”). All our openings are posted on our website. One of the largest Christian radio networks in the U.S. An oral donation requires the simultaneous delivery of the thing or of the document representing the right donated. If the donee accepts the donation before revocation, the donation will be complete and the donor will be compelled to make delivery.

Then we can show you how many days you have prayed, how many people you have prayed for and allow you to set a daily prayer goal. With an account, you can also see a record of your prayer submissions. Right now, favoriting a song simply creates a list of favorite songs for you to reference. In the future we will look at other ways to enrich your experience, such as showing news and articles about your favorite artists. There are events all year long so we hope that even if a ticketed event doesn’t work out this time, maybe there will be other options in the future. Concerts and tours are usually held in a large center or arena to accommodate larger audiences.

That could backfire and cause all kinds of bad social media PR. When I am feeling down or sad this is a good positive way to cheer me up. I don’t go to church that often only once or twice a year. I have a bible but don’t read it as much as I probably should.

  • Stop apps from taking your money without permission.
  • Children whom you have sponsored will be informed when your sponsorship ends.
  • Find An Eventto check out what is happening in your area.
  • If they aren’t going to fight to keep you, perhaps they don’t need the donations that bad.

As a ministry, K-LOVE doesn’t endorse political parties, issues, or candidates. We share factual headline news updates without bias or editorials. K-LOVE is committed to connecting listeners to vital news and information. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the app will stop fetching new song information and show the K-LOVE default image instead of the Artist image. This is done to maintain a high level of performance. When the music stream is not playing, you can "pull down" from the top of the Radio tab to refresh the current song and last played song tiles.

In other words, with your ongoing support, charities can respond swiftly in an emergency. After choosing or entering a reason, click “Yes, cancel” to cancel future recurrences. You aren’t specifically funding that boy. My one and only new year’s resolution was to cancel that donation. So on new year’s, I e-mailed them to help me get into my account. They took a bit to respond, but apologized for the delay and were very nice.

Your monthly contribution goes towards a variety of initiatives that benefit the well-being of children from low-income families. These endeavors would be impossible to carry out without your help. Know how to cancel your charitable donation.

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A couple of the songs are actually decent and stand alone like Francesca Battistelli’s new song "The Breakup Song". The problem is that I’d hear songs like that hundreds or even thousand of times. Multiple times a day, pretty much everyday.

How To Stop K-Love Radio Recurring Donations With DoNotPay

Listening to this is really the only way I can express my love for god. I can’t do these things because my daily schedule is jam packed. This is a good way to start your day and end it to. Me and my cousin went to a camp called Pathfinder there is also a camp Vick they are both religious. After that I had a sleepover with her in the car we listened to K-LOVE and that is when I fell I love with it. Then when I started to listen to it I heard about the app.

When you click this link a pop-up will appear, asking you why you’d like to cancel your recurring contribution. Ask them to cancel your recurring monthly donations. Our philosophy is that it’s always best to leave hearing a "yes" and never a "no." I asked my favorite online community – members of the Nonprofit Happy Hour Facebook group – how they handle recurring gift cancellation requests.

Send an email to Click to email requesting that they delete your account. Click the link, then follow the prompts to cancel your subscription. Once your K-LOVE subscription has been removed from Google Play, your future subscriptions will be cancelled and won’t be renewed anymore.

You’ll see though that underneath each teacher or feature we have a list of the most recent downloads available (these are generally the previous month’s messages). We don’t have DJ opportunities through K-LOVE. We hope your local church might have some contacts to help you out. We do keep track of incoming gifts by zip-code so we can credit your support to your local station.

If something was said that gave a different impression then we apologize. We appreciate your prayers as we go forward. You can also call oremailus if you’d like your thoughts passed on to our Programming team. You can cancel your recurring contribution by clicking the “Cancel this recurring contribution” link.

We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen. If you haven’t rated K-LOVE cancellation policy yet, Rate it here →. Our crowdsourced data from K-LOVE and Justuseapp users, shows that it is Very Easy to cancel a K-LOVE subscription.

Some Issues You Might Experience When Canceling K-Love Radio

K-love also puts local Christian radio out of business, with their nationwide programming. Taking away jobs from every city they broadcast to. Their guilt tripping pledge drives are the absolute worst. Even when I was a Christian I didn’t like K-Love.