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Often asked: How Much Of Mercy Ship Donations Are Used For Charity? A tax-exempt organization and public charity

They collected $25.6 million, retained $1.4 million (6%) , giving $24.2 million (94%) to Operation Smile. E-mail marketing by a company named M & R resulted in $975,000 in revenue. $165,000 (17%) was retained by M & R with the remainder, $810,000 (83%) to Operation Smile. You can read all about Smile Train’s lifesaving work and our unique model here. Smile Train helps every child that comes to us, regardless of sex.

Did you know that you can increase your store’s Average Transaction Value by simply using customer feedback? Our webinar series provides retail industry insights through our polling research and case studies to better equip retail professionals. TruRating is partnered with 11 amazing charities across the world. If you’d like to learn more about the TruCharity program in your region, why not check out the Charity section of our website. Keep up to date by checking out our amazing fundraising and patient stories and by checking out our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Smile Train Philippines Foundation, Inc. is a charity registered with the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development and accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification .

Public education program Around the world, many people are unfamiliar with cleft lip and palate. For many of the families we support, the first time they see a cleft is when they first look at the face of their newborn child. No matter where they live, it is essential that every family is aware of cleft lip and palate and the care that their child will need as they grow and develop. Each year, Operation Smile conducts hundreds of medical missions while also managing many care centers around the world. Besides the medical procedures performed, they also invest in research programs, training, and education. Because of this massive network of facilities, equipment, and volunteers, it costs them only $240 per cleft palate surgery.

Florida and Iowa have already caught up with their underhand practices, and the pair are currently banned from telemarketing in either state. The 2nd cancer research charity to make our list is the American Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization set up in 1997 with the intent of funding health education and free breast exams for women. Cancer Fund of America is just one of many philanthropic centers run by James T Reynolds and his somewhat crooked family. That the no-shame Reynolds takes home an annual salary of around $230,000 is bad enough .

The GiveWell approach is also the approach taken by any high-performance foundation, although foundations are more likely to take risks on promising but unproven programs. Agreed that it’s absurd to ask Smile Train to pay for surgeries only without creating an environment where successfully surgeries are even possible. But those costs must be accounted for in determining their cost efficiency. A wide variety of other grants, including for organizations focused on research, organizations that work primarily in the U.S., and more.

The rest, funnily enough, somewhere makes it into the likes of director David Thelen’s pockets. Thelen may defend his excessive salary by claiming to spend endless hours counseling the families of the missing children, but we doubt they’ll be very thankful when they find out how little practical effort the charity puts into finding their kids. Deceptive fundraising ploys, improper allocation of funds, investigations by state authorities… if there was a checklist of what makes a charity less than reputable, the Association for Firefighters and Paramedics would tick every box. Unless you want your donation to fund the lavish lifestyles of the charity’s top exec’s, do yourself a favor and keep your money in your wallet. The Better Business Bureau has stated that Operation Smile is a registered and legitimate charity according to the current standards.

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A major component of the Operation Smile charity rating is how well the company is managed. In addition, the organization is governed by four independent oversight boards, Medical Specialty Advisors, Special Programs, Medical Officers, and Quality Assurance. These boards oversee various facets of the non-profit and its operations. It is shameful they take money from people that are often not in a place to guve but care for others as it is often the less fortunate that give and the greedy and gluttonous people use it for them selve and their friends. If they cared the money would go to the people they are advertising they are helping rather than using their images to exploit them. Mercy Ships is a predominantly Christian interdenominational missionary organization, describing their mission as “bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor, following the 2,000-year-old model of Jesus”.

  • But every time I see their commercial, I go to the web sight.
  • The estimated total pay for a Donor Experience at Smile Train is $41,875 per year.
  • If the analysis makes the distribution 5X more effective , then it was worthwhile.
  • The 2015 IRS Form 990 for the year ending June 30, 2016 reveals the organization collected $61.5 million, most of which were contributions, including $4.4 million of non-cash contributions.
  • Free copies of the film are available through Smile Train’s website.

Most of their patients have been diagnosed with cleft palates or other facial deformities. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, it is one of the oldest and largest volunteer-based organizations dedicated to improving the health and lives of children in over 60 countries worldwide. They accomplish this enormous task using volunteer surgeons, pediatricians, medical doctors, nurses, and student volunteers. Smile Train has invested in the distribution of more than $2M in necessary equipment for partners and patients, including personal protective equipment , handwashing and sanitation facilities, and masks. We’re making essential items available to empower partners to continue cleft care while protecting themselves and their patients, including pulse oximeters and non-contact infrared thermometers, and providing grants to fund COVID testing.

All I can do is report the information Operation Smile reported to the IRS. But every time I see their commercial, I go to the web sight. Each time see the greed of the founders of the organization. Some children have received surgery, but not enough for this organization to prosper more. We use all kinds of proprietary technology to save money and do things faster, cheaper, and smarter. Instead of mailing patient charts all over the world, we built an online digital patient database called “Smile Train Express”.

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Many children born with clefts don’t attend a school or even hold a job. Each year, 170,000+ children are born with a cleft in the developing world. Most of these children will not receive the treatment they need.

Data Sources: IRS Forms 990

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Neither is there very much money making its way into cancer research, with only 2% of its donations ending up helping women with breast cancer. Unless you want your money to go toward lawsuits (it’s already coughed up $200,000 to Iowa, Florida, and Texas), take my advice and find another charity to support… although preferably one on another list to this one. With millions of good Samaritans regularly donating a portion of their paycheck to good causes, charities are booming… unfortunately, not all of the money going into them is coming out the way we think. Donate $10 to certain charities, and rather than the full amount going to the advertised cause, most of it will be siphoned off into the foundation’s executives bank account, mishandled, or otherwise misappropriated.

Smile Train developed a digital patient database called Smile Train Express. Our partners upload their patient records here, which allows us to review and monitor the quality of their work. Every 5 minutes a Smile Train surgery helps a child in need.

Certainly there are times when local doctors are simply not an option. Haiti is one good example, where there is not a single local surgeon who does clefts. And in those unfortunate cases, of course a mission group must fly in, and expenses are consequently higher. I trust you would agree that it is certainly better to pay more for the surgeries and help these kids than to provide no surgeries. Ian, are we to infer from your response to Oasis (re “more promising treatments”) that children born with cleft palates who will likely die from malnutrition are less worthy of life than a child vulnerable to malaria or other disease?