How Much Of My Donation Goes To Operation Smile

How Much Of My Donation Goes To Operation Smile to create

Every child with a cleft lip or cleft palate deserves exceptional surgical care

America SCORES uses soccer, combined with writing, creative expression, and service learning to help urban kids. Their program is aligned with standards for English, service-learning, and physical education. About a third of their funds go to administrative and fundraising expenses. These brave folks at Doctors Without Borders go into the most deplorable conditions to bring healing to others. According to their website, about 89 percent of total revenue goes to supporting their programs. A cleft occurs when certain body parts and structures do not fuse together during fetal development.

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The ultimate goal of The Trevor Project is to end suicide among LGBTQ people under 25 by providing them with counseling and education. It offers young people support with trained counselors via phone, text, and online chat. Every donation has a direct impact on changing and saving the lives of LGBTQ youths. Long-respected for its role in improving the lives of disadvantaged and impoverished young people in Harlem, New York, the Boys Choir of Harlem went all the way to the White House, performing for sitting presidents since Lyndon Johnson.

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These services include medical equipment, setting up temporary medical missions, establishing permanent care centers, research programs, and training and education. Nineteen percent or $18,345,047, the money raised, went to fundraising efforts. Operation Smile, Incorporated is a non-profit, 501 , that provides corrective surgery and dentistry services to children and young adults around the world. Most of their patients have been diagnosed with cleft palates or other facial deformities. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, it is one of the oldest and largest volunteer-based organizations dedicated to improving the health and lives of children in over 60 countries worldwide. They accomplish this enormous task using volunteer surgeons, pediatricians, medical doctors, nurses, and student volunteers.

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital is known predominantly for their widespread fundraising campaigns. They pair celebrities with children who have cancer to talk about the great work they do. The hospital itself is a research hospital that specializes in childhood cancers and other life threatening diseases. No one is ever turned away for their inability to pay, and the hospital covers travel, housing, food, and treatment for the families whose children are patients there. Perhaps more remarkable, the hospital spends about 27 percent of its income on fundraising and administrative costs.

Some charities that saw returns of less than -100 percent are not depicted in the bar chart.

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Donor Services Group LLC, a Los Angeles fundraising company, has conducted campaigns for locally based nonprofits such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. While Xentel uses a percentage-based contract, Donor Services gets paid per call. Fundraising experts said a pay-per-call contract is preferable, because a percentage arrangement increases the chance of sales pressure and generally delivers less to the charity.

This score provides an assessment of the organization’s culture and connectedness to the community it serves. This score estimates the actual impact a nonprofit has on the lives of those it serves, and determines whether it is making good use of donor resources to achieve that impact. Charity Navigator looks for the existence of a whistleblower policy per the Form 990 as an accountability and transparency measure. Charity Navigator looks for the existence of a document retention and destruction policy per the Form 990 as an accountability and transparency measure. Charity Navigator looks to confirm on the Form 990 that the organization has this process in place as an accountability and transparency measure. This policy protects the organization and by extension those it serves, when it is considering entering into a transaction that may benefit the private interest of an officer, director and/or key employee of the organization.

We provided 456,970 patient interactions, including patient health screenings, operations and post-operative care at medical missions; dental screenings and procedures; and operations and consultations at care locations. Today, less people are being turned away without care, more lives are being saved and patients are returning home to their families and loved ones just days after surgery. And as we look back on the past year, we acknowledge that our work in Vietnam and around the world is driven by the generosity and love that our global family – volunteers, donors, partners and staff alike – have for our patients and their families.

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Only about half of the $7.3 billion St. Jude has received in contributions in the past five fiscal years went to the hospital’s research and caring for patients, according to its financial filings with the Internal Revenue Service. About 30% covered the cost of its fundraising operations, and the remaining 20%, or $1 of every $5 donated, increased its reserve fund. In 1999, Smile Train approached Dr. Court B. Cutting of New York University’s Virtual Research Laboratory to create training videos, which could be used to train local doctors on how to perform advanced cleft surgery techniques.

The FTC warns that fraudsters use real victims’ stories and pictures to con people. Don’t donate by text without confirming the number on the charity’s official website. Don’t make a donation in cash or bygift card, cryptocurrencyor wire transfer. Making you think you’ve already given to the cause is a common trick unscrupulous fundraisers use to lower your resistance. A legitimate charity will welcome your donation whenever you choose to make it.

A few days later I went online to find out where my money actually went. I give to another organization where 86% of what I give go to the children or their community. I will not be giving to this organization again after learning how the founders and others are benefiting financially. In F2021, Operation Smile Canada conducted 1,210 surgeries across 12 countries with surgical programs. OSC supported nine countries providing nutrition programs in F2021.

Mr. Smits, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Mullaney voted against the merger in a meeting on Feb. 14. Donald B. Murphy, a partner at Brown Brothers Harriman, abstained because his firm manages Smile Train’s assets. The opponents were outnumbered by Mr. Wang and his four employees on the board. Mr. Atkinson said he received a call the next month from Mr. Unger of Operation Smile, who asked about Mr. Mullaney’s status.

What we do know is that folic acid plays a critical role in embryonic development, before and after conception. Clefts develop very early in the first trimester, and many women may not even know they are pregnant when the cleft is formed, making early intervention difficult. While Smile Train does not have a folic acid distribution program, we work to raise awareness about clefts and treat them through surgery and other essential treatments such as nutrition, speech therapy, and specialized orthodontics. In two campaigns, Operation Smile received an average of 51 percent of the $2.1 million raised by Strategic, state documents show. Howard J. Unger, Operation Smile’s CEO, said his organization’s size helps it negotiate with its fundraisers to get better results. The Norfolk charity also spends time training solicitors, which helps them make the case for donations, he said.

Its attorneys fight both nationally and internationally to give women access to birth control, safe abortions, and reproductive care. There has been a heartbreaking increase in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders throughout the US. It is up to us to collectively come together to stop Asian hate and push for change. GoFundMe stands with the AAPI community and is committed to resolving the racial inequities in our society. Support, uplift, and protect Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through’s AAPI Community Fund.

The sales reps did their utmost to raise money to play in the event and the donations started to pour in. He said, "It’s amazing how just a little effort from several people can make such a difference in the lives of others. Together, we were able to create smiles and help heal lives." PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division is putting smiles on bags of Lay’s Potato Chips as part of its limited-time “Smile with Lay’s” campaign.

While they are still well below the 33 percent benchmark, they tend to spend more on fundraising than other highly-rated charities in this category. Nonetheless, if stamping out poverty is your passion, World Vision does a good job with your money. Babies are born with clefts everywhere in the world, including the US, but you seldom see untreated clefts in here because they are treated soon after birth. Clefts are usually NOT treated in low- and middle-income countries because most families there cannot afford surgery and the government will not subsidize it.

The 3D models used in the videos were based on the CT scan of two Chinese patients. That is one of the uses defined in the merger agreement, which also says the fund may be used to cover severance costs for Smile Train employees and contractors, many of whom are integral to the organization’s programs. Its top five executives were dismissed the day the merger was approved. Smile Train spends its money training and equipping local doctors in China, India and elsewhere to do the operations as they are needed.

We’d also like to thank each and every one of our compassionate supporterswho come from all walks of life to join our journey of hope and healing. Every dollar you contribute means that we come one step closer to a future where the health and dignity of all are improved by safe cleft surgery. Since 2011,Mediterranean Shipping Companyhas donated more than $2 million to Operation Smile. Last year, its employees volunteered alongside medical teams in Guatemala, Mexico and Paraguay and helped transport cargo to medical programs in Ghana, Malawi and Madagascar.

With hospitals unable to meet the sudden demand, supplies of personal protective equipment were rapidly consumed as COVID-19 spread. This chart displays the trend of revenue and expenses over the past several years for this organization, as reported on their IRS Form 990. This policy outlines procedures for handling employee complaints, as well as a confidential way for employees to report financial or other types of mismanagement. As a result, the Finance & Accountability score for Operation Smile Inc. is outdated and the overall rating may not be representative of its current operations. The one area where Operation Child does not meet the standards of the Better Business Bureau is related to board member compensation. The standard for the BBB is that no more than 10% of board members be compensated directly or indirectly by the company.

Operation Smile is truly a global family, and we rely on the passion and dedication ofour partner country foundationsthat provide crucial funding for our programs around the world. Our teams in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom contributed $12,925,961, which is more than 12% of our total revenue. The project seeks to provide more training opportunities to improve the skills of health workers, revitalize critical infrastructure, and address barriers that prevent patients from seeking or reaching care. With more children like Pedro and Lexxi waiting for the day when safe and timely surgery changes their lives, local efforts in Colombia illustratehow we can provide essential care for patients closer to their communities in more places around the world. In order to fully understand how revenue is spent, the expenses need to be analyzed outside of the broad classifications of program, management, and fundraising because within the three categories are expenses that may not be direct program expenses. For instance, $21 million was spent on “public awareness” and $2.3 million in fees for services with no detail provided.

This display of commitment has fortified our relationships with governments and their ministries of health, as they have trusted Operation Smile to help them in their time of need. All of this will allow our patients to be healthy and ready for surgery as the pandemic subsides and it’s once again safe to be by their sides. Continuing to strengthen our relationships around the world is so important as we look forward to our 40th anniversary with a goal to greatly expand our impact.

Such investments usually take the form of stocks and shares but may include other assets, such as property, that are capable of generating income and/or capital growth. "CRA revokes charity status of Smile Train Canada after fundraising spending flagged by Financial Post". In 2008, Charity Watch criticized then-president Brian Mullaney’s $420,209 salary and questioned the 2007 company’s tax form, which said Mullaney’s salary came from temporary restricted funds designed to go toward overhead. © 2022 The Stratford Beacon Herald, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited.

“Today, he is president and founder of Mercy Ships, with international headquarters right in east Texas. Another charity to piggybank of the good name of the Make a Wish foundation is the far less reputable Kids Wish Network. According to, only 2.5 cents for every dollar raised goes towards the sick kids it claims to help- the majority of the rest, as you’d expect, is funneled back into the accounts of its fundraising solicitors. American Association of State Troopers claims to support retired state troopers.

And so cryptocurrency kind of just made sense for us in that realm of, let’s see how this goes. And you know, so far we’re off to, we’re not off to like a blazing start. The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation provides assistance to families with members on the autism spectrum. However, Charity Navigator notes nearly 85 percent of funds go to overhead.