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Donatos Pizza is a pizza delivery restaurant chain headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Donatos Pizza has 200 franchise locations in ten states, most locations in Ohio. Donatos is also served at Ohio Stadium, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The headquarters of the Donatos Pizza is in Gahanna, Ohio, United States. You can also visit this restaurant for tasting the best pizzas and don’t forget to give us your review here.

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Your total net cost to build-out your Restaurant may be significantly impacted by the level of tenant improvement allowances you negotiate and receive from your landlord. ✅ Recommendations based on their assessment of historical financial performance instead of just franchise marketing materials. “Gross Profit” means the Net Sales minus the Cost of Goods Sold. “Production Supply Costs” reflect the amounts paid for paper products and CO2 used in the fountain drink dispenser. “Beverage Costs” reflect the amounts paid for beverage products, such as beverage cans, 20 ounce beverage bottles, 2 liter beverage bottles, fountain drinks and bottled water.

How much pizza should I order for a party?

Please click on each retailer to see that retailer’s price for this product. When an item you want is out-of-stock at the store, your shopper will follow your replacement preferences. Then, when you arrive at the store of your choice, use the Instacart app to notify us. Depending on the store, a shopper or store employee will bring the groceries to your car, or you can pick them up at the designated area. Order from your favorite Donatos location in person, by phone, or online.

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This is quite expected because non-pizza lovers are rare.However, you don’t go giving them reasons to feel uncomfortable. If you don’t like vegetables or any other popular food people might understand but not with pizza. Not liking pizza has become frowned on by the whole country. The cheese pizza has taken over the regular apple pie. You need to accurately answer these questions when calculating the number of boxes to call in. If your guests are expecting a proper meal or it’s an actual ‘pizza party’, then your offerings should be abundant.

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Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.Offer subject to change without notice. The special offers link in the Donatos homepage offers numerous specials. Sometimes you want to enjoy a fantastic pizza at an establishment that will treat you like you’re an essential part of the business, and Donatos Pizza menu prices demonstrate that. Donatos Pizza does just that and has been doing so since 1963 when its founder Jim Grote first opened the establishment.

When you purchase a product that is clicked through one of the outbound links within this website. Go back to the shopping cart page, and finish your billing and shipping address. Dedicate to shopping smartly but without a good way?

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You are required to execute a grand opening marketing program for the Restaurant in accordance with the Operating Standards for the grand opening of your Restaurant (the “Grand Opening Marketing Program”). The Grand Opening Program is approximately 15 weeks in duration, spanning 2 to 3 weeks before the Restaurant opens and 12 to 13 weeks after the grand opening of the Restaurant. This estimate includes equipment such as 3 conveyor 170,000 BTU gas-fired impingement-driven conveyor ovens, but excludes delivery vehicles, the point-of sale equipment, and all Computer System components. All leasehold improvements must conform to the franchisor’s standards and specifications. You are responsible for ensuring your final leasehold improvements conform not only to the franchisor’s specifications, but also all local laws and building codes. #4) The driver just has to grab orders, deliver them, and collect the cash.

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They then fill this with smoked provolone, slice salami, shaved ham, fresh cut Roma tomatoes, banana peppers, and lettuce, and slather it all with their house marinara sauce. Salads are an incredible addition to any meal, and Donatos Pizza’s Chicken Harvest Salad is enough to be a meal in and of itself. Crisp apples, dried cranberries, honey roasted pecans, bleu cheese, hardwood smoked bacon, and juicy tender chicken breast are blended with a house apple cider vinaigrette for a perfect salad every time.

You should confirm the number of slices before ordering because this will vary between pizza providers. Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 11 current and former employees if they felt stressed working at Donatos Pizza – Titan Restaurant Group. Of the respondents, 55% said that they strongly agreed or agreed that they felt stressed at work most of the time. Management was a little confusing and all over the place. A work environment that was very stressful and expects the employees to run the whole store while the manager takes a cigarette break. Join one of the hottest fast-casual restaurants, now growing dynamically!

9 Ways To Save Using Good Morning Snore Solution coupons. Pepperoni is the most popular Domino’s pizza topping in the U.S., followed by sausage, bacon, mushrooms and pineapple. We’re sorry, we were not able to save your request at this time. The information on this page is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation of any particular franchise by Entrepreneur Media.

At present, Tom Krouse is the Chief Executive Officer and Jane Grote Abell is the Chairwoman of Donatos Pizza. When ordering a pizza for delivery, know the full cost, including tip, and make sure you have enough to cover all of it. Delivery fees are one way that the chains are trying to make up for the loss of income. Pizza chains are also diversifying their menu, adding pasta choices, sandwiches, chicken, and desserts as a way to add more options and appeal to a wider audience. But analysts note that this usually adds up to about half the amount of the fees taken, and some drivers feel that their companies are pocketing the rest. Linguine noodles with marinara sauce, breaded chicken, topped with mozzarella cheese, and served with galric bread.

$19.99 Perfect Combo 2 Medium 1-Topping Pizzas, Parmesan Bread Bites, Cinnamon Twists & 2 Liter Coke

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If you have feedback about a certain Donatos order, call the Donatos store that you specifically ordered from for the most effective service. However, you can also use the Contact Us page to send Donatos an email, or you can call the company at the phone number DONATOS. Donatos’ headquarter address is also 935 Taylor Station Road Columbus, OH 43230.

Save $66 on average by using Donatos coupons during check out at Finally, let the companies know how you feel about the delivery fees. Customers are their business, and, with enough feedback, they may change their practice. On a recent order from Domino’s, a $2.75 delivery fee was added to my order of two large pizzas and a two-liter bottle of Sprite.

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I just moved from west Tennessee and from the lawsuit our store owner made sure we got $2.49 a run plus tips. And now the struggle is on because gas prices are in the range of $3.35 to $4.10 a gallon. These franchises out here make enough money where they can actually pay their drivers correctly they just choose not to because of greed. I work in a store now that makes a million dollars a year if not a little more give or take a little less.

Hunt for huge discounts with this Free Shipping Donatos Coupon. You’ll always find the best price with verified Donatos coupons on HotDeals. Anyone who has ever faced sticker shock at the tacked-on delivery fees plus tips plus tax might feel a little bit of relief at knowing what they will pay for their pizza up front. From message boards to interviews, drivers across the country believe that the delivery fees are hurting their overall tips. Driver tips are being affected by pizza delivery fees.

Donatos also offers oven-baked subs, salads, chicken wings, shareable sides, as well as and desserts. Donatos Pizza is a family-owned pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States. They offer pizzas, salads, subs, starters, stromboli, desserts, breadsticks, wings, beverages, and many more items on their menu. In this article, I will tell you about the Donatos Pizza menu and prices, and much more.

No trip to Donatos is complete without taking in their incredible three cheese garlic bread. A mixture of asiago, parmesan, and cheddar cheeses top their fresh baked garlic bread that is just to die for. Freshly made every day you’re going to love the comforting warmth of fresh bread, especially when dipped in their delicious marinara sauce.

And it gave the burger chain major menu diversification, with a tried-and-true delivery product. At a time of upheaval in the restaurant industry, it’s no surprise that brands have adopted new strategies to exploit the off-premises business. That’s what drove the development of ghost kitchens two or three years ago, too; they allowed operators to concentrate efforts in a small, cost-effective kitchen at a time of high rents. If your order has 4 pepperoni pizzas and 4 cheese pizzas, stack the pizza boxes so that only one box of each kind at the top is opened at a time.

Detailed information on Donatos Pizza’s initial franchise fee, royalty fee, marketing fee, and other fees, based on Items 5 and 6 of the company’s 2021 FDD. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Donatos Pizza senior discount. However, seniors can find other great 2022 Donatos Pizza coupon codes here at Donatos Pizzeria, LLC owns and operates a chain of pizza restaurants in the United States. The company was founded in 1963 and is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Donatos Pizza does not have student discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Donatos Pizza student discount. However, students can find a 2022 Donatos Pizza promo code here at Enjoy a large 1 topping pizza and full breadsticks for only $17.99. 1999 saw the restaurant purchased by McDonald’s like a venture into the pizza industry, an enterprise which was ultimately a failure.

We all might have our preferences when it comes to other life choices but not with the pizza. Our flavors may differ but we all love to have a bite of that cheesy pie now and then. Even when we have people over, the pizza can confidently blend into the mix. In the rush of ordering for the group, we might miss the mark. Either we order too much or less than we require.

This is the little secret management hopes never comes up. Donato’s and all restaurant delivery should provide commercial insurance for their drivers. Isn’t that why a delivery fee is placed on every order? I learned this after a very minor incident on the job. Had a meeting with the district manager in the Cincinnati/Northern Ky area and he talked to me like he was a dishonest used car salesman.

For many years we have operated more than 50 high performing restaurants that dominate the Columbus, OH market with a 35% market share. We know a thing or two about opening, growing and sustaining a strong business over a generation. We packaged our experience and expertise into programs designed to assist you before, during and after the Grand Opening of your first restaurant.