How Can I Donate To The Navajo Nation

How Can I Donate To The Navajo Nation canned goods and dry food


Products that support health care workers, the young, and the elderly are of greatest need. I have been making face masks to donate to your Nation and hope that they can help you. I know the Federal Government will not send the help you need even in this pandemic emergency because they have failed you forever. Commit time and resources alleviating the issues that were highlighted during the pandemic by focusing on health equity in the Navajo Nation.

  • There are many ways to help and we are looking for partnerships for bulk items or transportation assistance.
  • 100% of money donated is used to purchase products for fastest and most effective delivery.
  • Any money donated will purchase items of greatest need and we are collecting non-perishable canned goods and dry food, paper products, masks, gloves, PPE, diapers, baby formula and wipes.
  • Items will be delivered safely to a remote community within a week.
  • I believe every American has a human right to clean, running water.

Donations are 100% tax deductible and 65% of the cost of all purchases are tax deductible. Give the ultimate gift — bring clean water and power to an entire family. If you’ve received a phone call soliciting donations for "Pine Ridge Reservation" please consider it a scam and do not provide any credit card information. Aaron Huey’s effort to photograph poverty in America led him to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where the struggle of the native Lakota people — appalling, and largely ignored — compelled him to refocus. Five years of work later, his haunting photos intertwine with a shocking history lesson.

How to donate to Navajo Nation families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Because I had a great time in MV with Effie and her brother and family on a trip with Pam Doverspike. Brit West is a photographer and designer from Arizona working exclusively with Navajo silversmiths. Shooting with Navajo elders and models has touched her soul and many others that know her work.

The group of volunteers is helping families with groceries, water and health supplies, said Cassandra Begay, a spokesperson for the group. They are following sanitation needs and volunteers are practicing social distancing. Charitable donations are deductible by the donor for federal income, estate, and gift tax purposes. Written acknowledgment of donations can be provided upon request.

Your equipment will be counted as a financial donation in regard to recognition and tax exemptions. All material donations should be shipped to the address below, unless you are a local utility who will be involved in the construction phase of the project. You can donate to sponsor individual parts (like sinks and solar panels!) or give clean, running water to an entire family.

Some of our travel guests donated their booking dollars to help the Navajo communities we live on. This allowed our team to help individuals and families get hard to reach items. For some families, hard to reach items would be food from the community store…a 30 mile trip for many.

I believe that tribal nations, rural communities and people of color deserve running water. The Helping Hands for the Navajo Nation has no employees, only volunteers. We are approved by President Nez, and are working directly with the community on the ground at the reservation. All supplies and funds are distributed directly into the hands of citizens of the Navajo Nation in the most rural areas of the Nation,. Any money donated will purchase items of greatest need and we are collecting non-perishable canned goods and dry food, paper products, masks, gloves, PPE, diapers, baby formula and wipes.

The Navajo Nation Zoo is a Tribally-funded program of the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Tribal funding covers most of the basic necessities the Zoo requires, but donations from its visitors go a long way to help us to meet our objectives and fullfill our Mission Statement. Once you’re finished, you can send the masks to one of addresses below depending on which carrier you prefer to use. In addition to physical donations, they are also looking for monetary donations.

All donations should be made out to the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority. The American Public Power Association will not be handling or involved in any financial transactions. The Navajo Nation is 27,000 square miles, a service area that makes providing electricity no small task.

Flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of Diné World War II veteran Steven Ashley, Sr. Flags to be flown at half-staff in honor and remembrance of Vietnam veteran Wesley Simpson, Sr. There is a chronic housing shortage, so an estimated half of all homes housing multiple generations.

How to donate to the Navajo Nation during COVID-19

If you do send gently used things, please ensure they are usable. Your tip to YouHelp maintains our unique crowdfunding platform which sends 100% of a donation directly to the cause. These are people who struggle every day and worse times are ahead. Their homelands, their food, their lives when exposed to European diseases. They are such proud people and it is awful to see them suffering. Monetary Donations to the Zoo can be made to office staff at the Zoo, or by mail.

We are committed to bringing running water into the homes of the 2.2 million Americans currently living without it, starting with the Navajo Nation. These organizations can use your donations of clothing and shoes in sizes from infants to adults. If you are sending new items, feel free to purchase them locally and ship them yourself or order online and have them shipped directly to the reservation. Many of the organizations we support can use new and/or very gently used bedding and linens.

With so many families having limited resources, many children on the reservation have very few possessions. Many of our support organizations can help get these things to the kids who need them. Please consider donating any of the following in new or like new condition. When sending clothing donations to Pine Ridge and the Navajo Nation, please send only new or gently used items.

Using Photography with a Purpose on or this campaign to raise emergency funds . Use the form below for large donations, pick ups, and any ideas or capabilities you have that might help. Fill out the form below for information about credit card, cash, checks, and other donation methods. 100% of money donated is used to purchase products for fastest and most effective delivery.

The Navajo Nation qualified under the Internal Service Code for purposes of receiving public or charitable distributions, according to the press release. We’re on a mission to get clean, hot and cold running water to more households, so families can stop hauling and start enjoying the simple miracle of a working tap. Many of the items listed below can be used by the Pine Ridge and Navajo organizations we support. Purchase these items locally and ship them yourself or order online and have them shipped directly to the reservation.

100% volunteers with 100% of what we gather or raise going to the underserved areas of the vast navajo reservation. Items will be delivered safely to a remote community within a week. The coronavirus pandemic has attacked Arizona’s Navajo Nation.

And Native Americans have a higher rate of underlying health conditions, including diabetes, which exacerbates the disease. If you would like to donate materials or equipment, please contact us at. This option is available for all utilities and utility industry vendors.

Or, a 150 mile day trip, literally, for medication and supplies from the nearest town or city. The Navajo Nation government and community leaders have been getting food to many Navajo communities, so far. Our team know families who do not have reliable transportation to get to these supply events. These individuals and families rely on home visits made by friends, family members, community health representatives, and church members.

If it is outdated, or damaged in any way, please do not send it. Unfortunately, many people in the past have sent clothing in such bad shape that it must be discarded. Many of the organizations on the reservations can use various cleaning supplies. Please check carrier regulations when shipping such products, or order online and have your donations shipped directly to the reservations.

When our Navajo friends tearfully relayed their first hand accounts of the suffering, a few of us offered the situation to God in prayer. Within days we found ourselves hard at work, the community response was overwhelming, and twelve days later the first convoy of trucks and trailers delivered needed supplies to three of Arizona’s Navajo communities. The community outreach called Helping Hands for the Navajo People continues collecting supplies and delivering them to remote communities. One donation touches thousands by helping families meet basic needs, improving access to health care and enriching and educating our youth. Like so many other communities, The Navajo Nation has a lack of PPE and essential medical supplies necessary to serve their patients. Donations and essential supplies, before directly delivering them to families of the Navajo Community.