Has Ford Donated Money To Defund Police

Has Ford Donated Money To Defund Police news outlets

Celebrities Who Have Signed an Open Letter to Defund Police Budgets

The NFL declined to specifically answer several questions from Fox News Digital but provided a statement from a spokesperson defending the program. Vera and the Community Justice Exchange have been NFL grantees since 2020, while the OJRC first received funding from the NFL this year, according to the league. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting.

Antifa, short for “anti-fascist,” is an amorphous movement whose adherents oppose people or groups they consider authoritarian or racist, often using aggressive tactics, according to the Anti-Defamation League , which monitors extremists . Horizontal in nature and largely lacking official organization, it is unclear how Antifa is funded, if at all . Some of their previous donations – including to Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood – have been subject to controversy in the U.S. .

The claim that the Ford Foundation has donated millions of dollars towards the aim of “defunding police” has an element of truth to it. The foundation has given grants to several groups and initiatives which have supported or promoted the rhetoric of defunding or abolishing police forces, whatever the precise details of their respective proposals around law enforcement and criminal justice. From slavery 400 years ago to present-day attacks by police, systems of white supremacy have imposed a public health crisis on the lives and safety Black people.

Today, there are far too many examples across the country of police officers strong-arming and killing Black people. Yet certain lawmakers want to continue pouring money into military-style weapons, training, and systems that allow officers to commit violence without consequences. The White Housewill also workwith 16 cities, including Minneapolis and St. Paul, on community violence intervention programs.Violence interventionprograms usually rely on trusted community members to mediate conflicts before they become physical and to connect people to social services. State and local governments can also use the federal money to help young people find summer jobs. Studies published inSciencehave linkedcommunity engagementandsummer jobsto reduced violence. But overall, many cities’ response to a rise in the murder rate has been to increase police budgets and to attempt to get more officers on the streets — including cities which just last year had cut police budgets under the defund the police banner.

Budget cuts could hasten a move toward hybrid gas-electric vehicles in departments across the country. “We see continued growth,” Tony Gratson, the company’s national government-sales manager told Bloomberg. A Ford spokesman did not immediately respond to the Free Press with comment.

Criminal involvement as a way of life is a ‘site of resilience’ and form of coping with extreme economic poverty. ‘Street life,’ ‘the streets,’ or a ‘street’ identity is phenomenological language used by persons active in crime as an ideology centered on personal, social, and economic survival. “The people selling drugs will move to a different block,” she says. “Sometimes will be hyper-focused on getting people off the street corner.

According to Rolling Stone, the musician signed Movement for Black Lives’ letter. He also pledged to donate money to Movement for Black Lives, National Lawyers Guild, and The Bail Project to protect Americans’ "first amendment right to peacefully protest oppression and injustice." Here are the celebrities who have signed The Movement for Black Lives’ letter. The petition was started by The Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of black-rights organizations. The Arabella Advisors-managed dark money network, which also includes other nonprofit fiscal sponsors such as the Windward Fund, Hopewell Fund and North Fund, pulled in an astronomical $1.6 billion in cashfrom deep-pocketed Democratic donors in 2020, their most recent tax records show.

In August, when Portland’s mayor called for restoring previously slashed police funding amid a crime spike, the OJRC criticized the move. The Community Justice Exchange, which didn’t provide a comment by press time, aims to get rid of not only policing and prisons, but also immigration enforcement, according to its public statements. Boudin, whose parents were members of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group, echoed similar sentiments during his campaign in San Francisco. A former public defender and translator for former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Boudin has promised to end mass incarceration and cash bail. Former San Francisco homicide prosecutors Brooke Jenkins and Don Du Bain recently quit their jobs, two of 59 attorneys to resign since Boudin took office in January 2020. This year, Philadelphia, a city of 1.5 million, had more homicides than New York and Los Angeles, the country’s two largest cities.

Duquesne University School of Law

Proyecto de Vacunación/COVID-19 Precaviendo y exponiendo la desinformación sobre el COVID-19 y sus vacunas SciCheck Fact-checking science-based claims. 2022 Players Guide The special interest groups behind the TV ads. NewsFeed Defenders A media literacy game to detect misinformation. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also criticized the total cost of the legislation and said that many states actually had budget surpluses and didn’t really need additional emergency funds. United Parcel Service received $1.096 billion in tax subsidies in 2018. A UPS executive is chairman of the Long Beach Police Foundation, while UPS has sponsored Atlanta Police Foundation fundraisers.

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Ford Motor Company says it has not contributed to ‘Defund the Police’ efforts in the U.S.

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When we asked the White House about Richmond’s defunding claim — as well as Psaki’s defense of it in press briefings — an official directed us to a June 29 statement that White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates issued to a Fox News congressional correspondent. That statement also pointed to the American Rescue Plan funding to state and local governments, and the COPS program. Also, Republicans in Congress did not say they opposed the legislation because some of the relief funds would potentially go to police departments. The NYPD has one of the largest fleets in the country with 9,000 police vehicles, Bloomberg reported. In fiscal year 2020, it bought the smallest fraction of sport-utility vehicles since it started using the larger, pricier models. Of the 534 new vehicles it bought, just 29 were the pricey SUVs, according to department data obtained by Streetsblog and provided to Bloomberg News.

The money is coming from individual who are making the contributions through the website to the individual campaigns. ActBlue is not raising the money for the Biden campaign, they are the conduit for payments to be made. The Oregon Justice Resource Center was the recipient of the $300,000 donation.

The Pandemic, the Protests, and Why Racism Endures As a Public Health Crisis

The letter demands that officials use a portion of the funds previously allocated to police for causes such as education and healthcare. "Every child deserves an inclusive, meaningful education that supports their health, learning, and success in life," Grigg wrote. Suggested that unspent funding authorized for state and local governments could be rescinded or reallocated to pay for other proposals, such as Republican-supported infrastructure plans. He U.S. economy continued to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic.

The NFL’s latest attempt to remove that stigma took a swing in the polar opposite political direction. The National Fraternal Order of Police tweeted that the NFL has been funding groups that wish to defund the police. Jalopnik reported on July 8 that a group of Ford employees, including members of the Ford-employees African-Ancestry Network, had written a letter asking management to discontinue the manufacture of police vehicles. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2015 that the California Highway Patrol paid $30,0000 for each of the 1,024 Ford Interceptors it bought between 2012 and 2015. The LA Times article highlighted how important it is to U.S. car manufacturers to have law enforcement use their vehicles. The article highlighted Ford as competing with Dodge and Chevrolet for law enforcement contracts.

Notice you don’t see any armed National Guard troops being activated and deployed to these cities under violent assault. The Democrat Governors are exactly like the Democrat Mayors. So when the Mayor tells the police chief or commissioner to “stand down”, the officers either obey the order or they 1) face charges or 2) are fired and effectively unable to work in law enforcement anywhere else. Want a police force that will stand up to thugs rioting in the town or city, then stop electing Democrat Mayors and Governors.

Bank of America also has board seats with the Chicago and NYC police foundations. An August Reuters report found that many cities across the U.S. that cut police budgets in response to calls for sweeping police reform in 2020 have reversed course this year. Like the OJRC, the New York-based Vera Institute of Justice is unapologetic in its support for defunding the police. Correspondent and anchor Vladimir Duthiers asked Bush to respond to critics who say it’s "hypocritical" that she has spent $70,000 on private security while continuing to push for reforms to funding for police departments. Representative Cori Bush explained her position on "defunding the police" while also defending her spending on private security, in an interview Wednesday with CBS News. Hungarian-born philanthropist Soros and his Open Society group of non-profits have mainly doled out cash to political action campaigns controlled by attorney and criminal justice reform activist Whitney Tymas, 60.

Planned Parenthood Black Community

Calls for defunding police departments continue to be made around the country, with activists and organizers demanding that the millions and sometimes billions of dollars that go to local police departments be reallocated to things like housing, education, and social services. If corporations are serious when they say “Black Lives Matter,” they shouldn’t just release public statements condemning racism; they should cut ties with police foundations and pay their fair share in taxes to fund investment in Black and Brown communities. To most others, however, “defund the police” simply means reduce police budgets and divest funding towards underlying societal issues, like poverty, homelessness, education, and health services. We found that many of the corporations the ITEP report identified as receiving tax subsidies are the same ones highlighted in our report that are bankrolling police foundations. Police foundations, which are set up to augment already bloated police budgets are the primary vehicle that corporations use to donate money to the police.

It was raising money using four different police-oriented names (one “association,” two “coalitions” and one “support fund”). In the first half of 2021, this organization reported donations of $4.3 million; expenditures were just under $4.2 million, the bulk of this going to overhead — fundraising, lawyers, lead lists and so on. I found a few small line items labeled “legislative services,” but none that appeared to go directly to supporting police. For some time now, the National Football League has endorsed and supported social justice through its “Inspire Change” partners which include radical leftist groups that are advocating for defunding the police.

Larson also called on her followers to "use your voice" and push back against Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s proposed allocation of the city budget. She included a graphic claiming that police would receive sizably more than the city’s fire department, public works, and parks under his plan. The actress petitioned to defund police, according to ABC News. The New Venture Fund and Sixteen Thirty Fund are both nonprofit incubators managed by the D.C.-based Arabella Advisors consulting firm. The funds each provide their tax and legal status to dozens of left-wing nonprofits that fall under their auspices.

Professor and police commissioner debate ‘defund the police’

A nationally representative USA Today/Ipsos poll of 1,165 adults conducted online in March 2021found28 percent of Black respondents supported “defunding the police” while 37 percent were against the idea. When asked whether police should be abolished, 51 percent of Black respondents said no, compared with 22% percent in support. All that aside, I am curious why you expected a desk officer would be able to “fix” a series of tickets your friend had after the tickets were already entered into the system? The time to plead for a warning, tather than a ticket, was before the officers wrote him up. You do know that a desk officer has no power to void any tickets right?

The NFL’s support for the group includes supporting "75+ local community-based bail and bond funds, working to end money bail and pre-trial detention at the local level and immigration detention at the national level," according to the NFL’s "Inspire Change" website. The National Football League’s "Inspire Change" partners, which receive financial backing from the multibillion-dollar league, include multiple groups that have openly advocated for defunding the police, a Fox News Digital review of the program found. "I’m a big believer, as Chief Saunders always believed, in community policing…. But I just don’t believe in cutting police budgets — just never believed in that." On Monday, Toronto city councillor Josh Matlow announced a motion to defund the city’s police budget by 10 per cent and reallocate the savings — some $122 million — to community resources. The Ford Motor Company has not contributed to "defund the police" efforts in the United States, the company told Heavy in a statement.

They’re among those spearheading reform in communities that are aiming to be safer without the need for police. The allegations facing the NFL are incredibly divisive and political. It’s the kind of initiative that will cause controversy from major news outlets. Now, the last thing I want to do is discourage you from giving to causes you care about, like supporting police. Below are a few tips for screening for legitimate charities. Law enforcement has a tough enough job without having to put up with charlatans masquerading as heroes.

Last month, the White Houseannounceda new strategy to address violent crime. At a news conference, President Joe Biden struck a holistic tone, with more, not less, federal funding directed toward policing.Biden stressedthe $350 billion pool, part of theAmerican Rescue Plan, available to state and local governments to hire more police. This essay explores what “defund the police” means to leading criminologists, community organizers and legal scholars. It also examines recent academic research on whether more police presence reduces crime, and what the future of policing in America might look like. I re-read your response a few times to make sure I understood what you were saying before replying. There are good and bad in virtually any profession out there.

The city recorded 521 homicides — the highest since 1990 — compared to 443 in New York and 352 in Los Angeles. Chicago, the country’s third largest city, registered the highest number of homicides at 739, up three percent from the previous year. This comes in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer. That incident ignited long-running frustration with violence against African Americans into nationwide protests, both peaceful and violent, in recent days.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund — in solidarity with patients, staff, and supporters — stands with the Movement for Black Lives’ call to defund the police. After two years of near record-high numbers of shootings, Buffalo, N.Y., police report a 36 percent decline in the first seven months of this year. But advocates say hot spot policing methods lead to disproportionate arrests and ticketing in poor communities of color. Ahandful of citiesin recent years have proposed divesting traffic stops from policing. Last July, lawmakers in Berkeleyapproveda new traffic enforcement department separate from the police department. “I’m a tax-and-spend Democrat,” says Moskos, a former Baltimore city police officer.“I want other programs to be funded more.

Reuters debunked a false claim that a photograph shows a young Soros in a Nazi uniform . During the time Nazis were active, Soros would not have met the age requirements to be in the Schutzstaffel. Soros and his family were Hungarian Jews who lived in Budapest during the war, disguising their identities for safety. In 1947 at the age of 17, Soros moved to London to attend university . "Where was that training when they killed Daunte Wright just 10 miles from where Derek Chauvin sits on trial for murdering George Floyd?" she tweeted.

It would seem there are alternative slogans available that call for society to reimagine policing without compromising the principles of the movement. In other words, calls for increases in police budgets are far from a death knell for campaigns to find more progressive and less aggressive modes of law enforcement. The quick reversals — in some cases, involving unprecedented spikes in police budgets — have mostly been in response to a rise in crime.

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Natalie Portman signed a letter calling to defund police budgets. Taraji P. Henson signed a letter calling to defund police budgets. Groups who have received funds as part of "Inspire Change," the NFL’s social justice initiative, include the Vera Institute of Justice, the Oregon Justice Resource Center and the Community Justice Exchange. All three of those groups support defunding or abolishing the police, a review of their public statements shows. Nearly two dozen citieshave since taken stepsto reduce police funding or redirect funds toward other services — though the 50 largest U.S. citiesslightly increasedtheir law enforcement spending as a percentage of their combined 2021 budgets. Legislators and other elected officials are also reexamining their stance on police funding.

Performative displays of wokeness like this are shameful. Maybe Commissioner Goodell @nflcommish should take a timeout and reconsider this decision. Research and choose charities to support.Nevergive based solely on a phone, mail, email or social media pitch.