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O’aka Final Fantasy X Wiki Guide

There are a few items that you will only be able to grab if you are riding a Chocobo so don’t leave this area on foot. Chocobo Eater can use a move called Fist of Fury which can deal upwards of 1,000 damage. You will get a warning in the form of a “You’re next! Be prepared to heal up a character when you see that warning. Make sure to use Tidus’ Cheer ability early on.

  • Before you continue northward, to where the red arrow is pointing, continue along the southeastern path .
  • The Mushroom Rock Road is made the base of operation for the upcoming battle, the Crusaders capturing Sinspawn while the Al Bhed set up machina weapons up with a large railing gun among them.
  • I never used Kim before, except to teach mages Ultima w/ black magic spheres.
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‘O’aka XIII’ can be seen waiting, just south of the party. Talk to Auron just west of the Save Sphere to continue. Once Gui dies, an FMV will show Sin’s counterattack. After the short break, Gui comes back for seconds.

Timestamps for the first video below

As you go around the curve you might notice a small yellow feather laying on the ground. Continue north through this area and across the two bridges. Use the menu screen if you are not sure which area you are in specifically.

I never used Kim before, except to teach mages Ultima w/ black magic spheres. That’s if you donate 10,001+ gil to him prior to Operation Mi’ihen. What the TC is referencing is a Crusader standing outside of Mushroom Rock Road before the operation begins that accepts donations and rewards items for doing so. This is your last opportunity to lend gil to O’aka XXIII which has the effect of reducing the prices of his items later on in the game. You may have lent him gil before, but make sure that you have given him a total of 10,001 gil before passing through this area. Have your Chocobo kick open the chest lying on the ground to receive two Hi-Potions.

I think last time I gave him something like 100K b/c I wasn’t sure of the cutoffs. Didn’t even know you could get that this early! We looked out the kitchen window "See nothings outside its okay". I began to cry again, but this time was different, it was like a father morning the loss of a child.


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As you move towards the exit a young man will give you your second Lv. 1 Key Sphere which you can use to break through a Lv. For more information check out the Sphere Grid section. Exit the Agency for a quick cutscene with Yuna and Auron in front of the sunset still near the agency.

The Chocobo Eater is also weak to fire-based attacks so you may want to utilize Lulu for this fight, especially if you have been leveling her up. Have Tidus cast Haste on Lulu so that she can cast as many Fire magic spells as possible. The story kicks off again inside Rin’s Travel Agency.