Feeding America is the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.

Feeding America

Feeding America is a nonprofit organization that provides four and three-tenths billion meals to Americans each year, helping one in seven hungry people.


John Van Hengel, a man from Phoenix who was injured in the mid-1960s and had to rehabilitate there after his injury. He spent time volunteering at nearby soup kitchens where he collected food donations for people living under the poverty line but ended up with more than enough left over so one day while talking to customers of local grocery stores about it all, they mentioned that many times their discards were actually sandwiches or produce items that would be thrown away instead of donated because no one could use them before their expiration date passed by. Around this same time though someone else told him she regularly feeds her family discarded groceries from store dumpsters which always are excellent quality foods just past due on an expiration date – something we often see as being less.

Name Change

In September 2008, the organization officially changed its name from America’s Second Harvest to Feeding America. The change was made in order to more accurately reflect their mission and also make it easier for people with a similar goal – feeding hungry Americans – to associate themselves with this fantastic charity.

First General Director

Bob Aiken was her first general director. Matt Knott temporarily served as the company’s interim CEO in 2015 after she stepped down to pursue other interests. Diana Aviv took over on October 1st, while Claire Babineaux-Fontenot became their third general manager on October 1st of 2018

The company’s various programs

Feeding America is a nonprofit organization that works to put an end to hunger in the United States while educating and informing Americans about their efforts. The National Office produces educational materials on aspects of poverty, such as homelessness or food insecurity with data from research done by Feeding America. Additionally, they work closely with legislators at all levels of government so that changes can be made for those who are most vulnerable during these difficult times including children and low-income families among others.

The Feeding America network of food banks is massive and ever-growing. There are more than 200, each operating in their own territory to help combat hunger among those most at risk in the United States. A complete list of all active Feeding Americas locations can be found on the website for anyone looking to donate or volunteer with a local organization – just look up your region!

Current company information

CATEGORYDomestic Needs
TOP PERSONClaire Babineaux-Fontenot
HEADQUARTERSChicago, Illinois
OFFICIAL WEBSITEfeedingamerica.org

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