Embryo Donation Contract

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The money that is saved by not paying overhead in an adoption agency, helps adoptive families afford more FET’s and benefits the donor family by having a larger number of adoption families to pick from. Bringing embryo donors and embryo adoptive parents together in a safe environment. Please call or contact me at for a free consultation regarding your embryo donation today.

  • And all are reassured by our nearly two-decade-long track record and commitment to keep strengthening the NEDC long-term, ensuring the ability of embryo donors and recipients to receive and share information in the future.
  • Once the embryo adoption agreement is finalized, the intended parents will receive ownership and all legal rights over the embryos.
  • Feel free to click around our website to see if embryo donation/embryo adoption is right for you.
  • I will draft your Embryo Donation Agreement and surrogate agreement if a gestational carrier is going to carry the embryos.
  • You will participate in the selection of the family that adopts your embryo.

That means there are less hoops to jump through, saving you both time and money. You will need to contact the cryopreservation facility and let them know you have donated your embryos and when the adoptive family will take over payments. They will request a copy of the contract before releasing the embryos to the adoptive family.

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In addition, the Parties agree to mutually exchange any change of address and/or telephone number independently between the Parties. Such obligation shall expire serially as each Resulting Child reaches the age of Eighteen . B. The Parties agree that remaining Embryos not otherwise used for Recipient’s embryo transfer procedures may NOT be destroyed or donated to medical research of any kind. Instead, is the mutual intent of the Parties to have any excess embryos not utilized by the Recipients ____________________________________________________. G. In the event that one or more Resulting Children are born from the Embryos donated, the Parties agree that the Recipients shall assume and shall be entitled to all rights and responsibilities described above.

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Generally their fertility specialist will give them recommendations. Once you have chosen an adoptive couple they will want their fertility specialist to review your fertility/embryo records. Normally this is done by having your fertility specialist directly send to the adoptive families fertility specialist.

Our website facilitates Direct Donor Donation/Adoption through profile searching. After choosing an adoptive family, you will need a contract transferring ownership of embryos to the adoptive family. Average embryo donation contracts overseen by a lawyer range from $500 to $1500.

The donor family would like to know if and how many children the embryos produced. They may request general information on the birth, photos and may be interested in contact in the future…but not required. Open adoption wants more involvement if a child is born after adoption of the embryos. The contracts may specify meeting and general contact requirements between the child and the donor family.

National Embryo Donation Center

Separate legal representation of the donors and the recipients is essential to protect the rights of all parties involved. While embryo donation is not for everyone, it can be an opportunity for many who have given up hope of ever raising a child. Located in Knoxville, TN, the NEDC is the only non-profit, medically-directed organization helping both embryo donors and recipients. For this reason, you’ll need experienced attorneys to guide you through your embryo adoption contract in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia.

We will work with each party individually rather than as a team, as is done in known match contracts. No identifying information of one party will be shared with the other. We will need a point of contact at your clinic so they can be reached via email if needed.

C. Recipients represent that no material medical conditions are known to exist by either Recipient Mother or Father that has not already been fully disclosed by Recipients. Recipients further warrant that they carry health insurance for themselves and for any Resulting Children who may be born to them, including Resulting Children. A. Recipients represent that they have been provided with a health history statement by the Donors with respect to genetic and/or inheritable diseases which could affect the Resulting Children in this matter. Recipients accept the embryo in their current state and condition.

California has no statute, so we look to the laws on Egg Donation and Organ Donation. If an Embryo Donation Agreement is carefully drafted it will show the express intent of the parties and will serve as a road map for the courts in determining the respective rights of the parties. Now in its fifth decade, in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproduction technologies have been the answer to many families’ baby prayers. However, this success has created a surplus of frozen human embryos. That surplus is estimated at roughly 1,000,000 in the United States.


Single parents, same-sex couples, or couples who are unable to conceive a child on their own can all benefit from embryo donation. Some of these intended parents may be able to carry the embryo and give birth to a child themselves, while others may transfer the embryo to a gestational surrogate. NRFA has recently added the option to do “Anonymous” Embryo Donation Contracts into our legal offerings.

IVF, domestic adoption and embryo adoption can be very expensive. This cost prevents many couples from completing their families. Direct Embryo Adoption is less expensive for the adoptive families. Most adoption agencies take 1 to 2 years to place your embryos and require a signed contract when you start that you are ready to donate.