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Recipient have ninety days, from the date of acceptance of a Set of Donated Embryos, in which to proceed and complete their treatment cycle. – i.e. embryos must be thawed/prepped and an embryo transfer completed. Donors will contact their fertility clinic or storage facility and request the paperwork to release their medical records and embryos to the recipient’s clinic or doctor. Our embryo bank is located in Newport Beach, California, and we require patients to travel to Southern California for a total of four days for the embryo transfer.

  • The unfortunate result of these instances is, currently more recipients requesting and waiting to adopt donated embryos exist than the actual number of donated embryos available or viable for adoption.
  • Contact our team of healthcare professionals today at The New Hope Center For Reproductive Medicine for embryo donation services in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • We can answer some of those most frequently asked by those curious about this life-affirming family-building option.

Infertility has, no doubt, led your family through a journey of unforeseen twists and turns. Now, as you stand on the threshold of another bend in the road, NRFA would be honored to come alongside you and join you on this journey. Does not require recipient to complete a “home study” (~$1,000 to $3,000), but rather only requires a psychological evaluation (~$175 to $300). To learn more about these options, listen to our interview with Kimberly Tyson, Program Director of the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center.

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The policies and procedures established by The New Hope Center are for our Donor Embryo Program, and are not necessarily reflective of other IVF Centers or clinics. The first step for patients wanting to participate is to complete and submit an application. The application is reviewed, and you will be notified of the status, within seven business days from submission. Were cryopreserved by our laboratory team, which ensures proper and equivalent methods for the thaw and preparation of the embryos will be employed at the time of transfer. Were created at and by The New Hope Center’s medical and laboratory teams, giving us more detailed information regarding the grades, quality, and potential viability of the embryos.

These are programs internal to a specific fertility clinic and you need to be a patient of that clinic in order to participate. It is primarily seen as an assisted reproduction medical treatment. We understand your desire to complete your family, and embryo adoption allows you an adoption alternative to experience pregnancy and childbirth. We can answer some of those most frequently asked by those curious about this life-affirming family-building option.

If I use a fertility clinic near me, is Conceptual Options here to help?

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It’s our job to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience every step of your journey. From finding your egg donor to the birth of your child, we are here as your partner in parenthood. Many choose to adopt through the NEDC because of our superior pregnancy rates (54% in the most recent reporting year). Many donate embryos through the NEDC because of the peace of mind provided by our home study requirement, which means your embryos will go to a stable, healthy family. And all are reassured by our nearly two-decade-long track record and commitment to keep strengthening the NEDC long-term, ensuring the ability of embryo donors and recipients to receive and share information in the future.

Donated Embryo Programs

Programs require that recipient families travel to the clinic for the transfer. Most agencies follow the adoption model and require receiving families to have an extensive evaluation, often called a “home study”. This versatile program, the first for the U.S., will allow embryo donors the choice, with their permission, to eventually be contacted by the donor-conceived offspring! Adoption is an act of love, fulfilled by the courage of couples who want to share their love with children.