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You will find Thorps in the academy after you give him the key, but he will be dead when you come across him. You will find his body at the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. His corpse will have a special spell on it for you to take. The spell is used to reflect magically attacks and can be quite useful as it is one of the few spells that can do that. If you need any more help with Elden Ring make sure to check out our other guides.

However, if one should die before they can retrieve the lost runes, they’ll be lost forever. After speaking with Thops and donating 10 Runes to him, Thops will share that it is his dearest wish to return to Raya Lucaria Academy to continue his studies in glintstone sorcery. Once you have obtained the Academy Glintstone Key found within Raya Lucaria Academy, you can then give it to Thops. Doing so will reward you with the Erudition Gesture. This gesture can be used to solve a couple puzzles found elsewhere .


Afterwards, Thops will leave for Raya Lucaria Academy. To those that adored FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, Malenia’s Great Rune may remind them of the very gameplay element from Bloodborne that was different from other titles. When the player is attacked, they can steal their health back by quickly attacking anything with a health bar. This Great Rune is perfect for regaining lost HP, but at the cost of reduced healing power in the Flask of Crimson Tears. The Golden Runes are a type of consumable that can be used to instantly received a cache of stored Rune currency.

You could of course also leave them be, so they live forever in your game. But even if they die at least they died chasing whatever they wanted in live, death is inevitable for everyone and what is living without having a goal. Of the sorceries that Thops can sell, only Starlight is unique to his inventory. Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Arc can also be purchased from another NPC in the Limgrave region.

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You can offer to give Thops the first Academy Glintstone Key you find, but he will not accept it, since he knows that you need it to access the academy. To continue his quest line, you must give him the Academy Glintstone Key that you can find within Raya Lucaria Academy. This NPC will move elsewhere and become unavailable as a merchant if given the second Academy Glintstone Key that you acquire.

  • Morgott’s Great Rune allows for minor slip-ups from the player’s intimidation.
  • Thanks to the mighty demigod boss, Radahn, players can receive a Great Rune that increases maximum HP, FP, and Stamina.
  • Gave him the key and he does not give me the gesture or move on to the academy.
  • Great Runes are unique to Elden Ring and are the Key Item reward gifted to the player upon the defeat of a Demigod.
  • To continue his quest line, you must give him the Academy Glintstone Key that you can find within Raya Lucaria Academy.

If provoked, Thops wields a Carian Glintstone Staff, which he uses to cast Glintstone Pebble. Interestingly, the staff he uses in combat is different from the staff he drops on death. The major benefit of donating the runes to Thops is what happens after you give him the key to the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

In this way, they are best used to "bank" runes that you can wait to use when you seek to level up or purchase certain items. I gave him the glinstone key and then killed him to see what happens. On death he said, "Raya…Lucaria…the home of my studies." He often talks about how bad he is at magic , he only knows basic sorceries, and the staff you pick up from his body is said to be "Permitted only to those who are Recognized Sorcerers".