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7 Book Recommendations for Donor-Conceived Children

This has resulted in enormous upheaval and controversy, but as Susan Golombok shows in this compelling and important book, it has also meant the health and happiness of parents and children alike. How do I approach the complicated, delicate subject of egg donation with my child? A Part Was Given and an Angel was Born creates a means by which communication can begin. In a simplistic innocent manner, the book provides a vehicle for introducing this sensitive form of third party parenting to their child. By using phrases such as "a part in mommy just didn’t work as it should," this book removes the "heaviness" from the topic of egg donation and emphasizes the love that surrounds it. The Kangaroo Pouchis designed to act not only as a conversation starter, but also as a “how-to” manual for children to refer to throughout the surrogacy journey.

The book has been reviewed by child specialists to ensure that it conveys age-appropriate messages. One Little Egg by Kimberly DeMeo – This story is filled with action, emotion and of course, education about egg donation. The author was compelled to write this children’s book for two very important reasons, and their names are Miranda and Sydney! After five long years of unsuccessful procedures, she and her husband decided to have a baby through egg donation. Happy Together is a collection of heartwarming books to help introduce young children to family building concepts.

Happy Together: an egg donation story

Come and celebrate the unique gift couples can receive on their way to becoming a family. Books are an excellent way to introduce the family’s story at ages as young as infancy. Leave the books on the bookshelves for your children to grab as they would any other book. They’ll enjoy the pictures and being close to you, but won’t understand the story for a long time. With the books, you don’t have to find all the words in the beginning; the authors and illustrators have done it for you.

  • This wonderful little gem puts into words, the exceptional and amazing way your baby came to be, making it a useful addition for an intended parent’s library.
  • The Extra Button by Jules Blundell – Benny and Rose wanted more than anything to have their own family.
  • After five long years of unsuccessful procedures, she and her husband decided to have a baby through egg donation.
  • A happy couple of rabbits, Pally and Comet have everything in life except a baby rabbit.

Through simple poetry and beautiful watercolor illustrations, this heart-warming story answers the age-old question “where do babies come from? Wish by Matthew Cordell (Ages 3-5 years old) – When an elephant couple decides it is time to have a child, unexpected challenges arise but, at last, the pair’s deepest wish comes true. With softly hued watercolor, pen, and ink illustration, this book allows for a gentle, open introduction into the topic surrounding the special circumstances of how a family might be created. And this is my son Jenson, conceived from a beautiful gift via an egg donor. From one of the world’s leading experts, this absorbing narrative history of the changing structure of modern families shows how children can flourish in any kind of loving home.

Your child will want to hear about "the very kind egg donor" over and over again! With charming illustrations and simple words, Mommy, was your tummy big? Can help parents who used in vitro fertilization and donor eggs begin to explain the process to their small children. The book has been praised by many mental health professionals who work with fertility clinics, and an NYU Child Study Center article offers it as an example of how to tell a young child about his/her donor egg origins. It is on all major lists of books recommended for helping parents explain the use of donor eggs, including that of ASRM . With charming illustrations and simple words, "Mommy, was your tummy big?"can is an egg donor story to help parents who used in vitro fertilization and donor eggs begin to explain the process to their small children.

Beautifully illustrated children’s books about donor conception. Using rhyme to explain this in a fun & easy way for your kids!

Often times, resources that outline the dynamics of your family can be helpful to both parents and children. EDC has gathered some wonderful titles that illustrate this remarkable journey for these precious little miracles. Tabitha and Timothy Grow a Flower by Sarah Shackleton and Gillian Coulson – Tabitha and Timothy want to grow a flower, but it doesn’t happen as easily as they expect.

It has been distributed free of charge to Members of Parliament. The following is a list of books and articles about and for families conceived through egg and embryo donation. An Eggceptional Match helps to match families with egg donors and surrogates and collaborates with clinics across the nation and around the world. Ages 5 and under.A board book that introduces the key concepts about babies and egg donation, and how some people need help to be able to be a Mommy or a Daddy. An inspiring, funny, and heartwarming story for everyone who has dreamed of having their own Miracle child. When rabbits Merle and Pearl meet on one beautiful day, they know that they have found true joy.

It just makes sense to use the opportunity to introduce a number of different topics for knowledge, including egg donation and surrogacy. This book is written not in vain like most authors that have to write a book to applaud themselves. This book is written to the many people who are plain desperate for a baby.

That’s why we wrote The Insider’s Guide to Egg Donation — so you can have more answers than questions. My Story/Our Story – A series of books for children up to age 6 for varying constellations of families formed in many different ways. Some of us here at PVED prefer books with flowery language and talk of angels; others don’t like those at all and prefer a more straight forward approach. If you have a book that your child enjoys that is not on our list, please let us know at Via Contact Page. One couple dreams of becoming a Mommy and Daddy, but when things do not go as planned, they will stop at nothing to make their wish of having a baby come true. With the help of science and in vitro fertilization, they will finally receive the miracle they’ve always wanted.