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Top 10 Clinics for IVF with Egg Donation in Norway

One of the main reasons is logistics – it is simply more convenient to fly to Mexico rather than Europe; however the second reason is the price range which is on average 50 to 60% lower than in any U.S. clinic. According to international medical associations , selecting an egg donor who shares some characteristics with a recipient is recommended -“phenotype matching”. This resemblance should at least cover the colour of hair, eyes and skin, height and a blood type. Patients who are considering treatment abroad today, in addition to choosing a clinic, also have to fight the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In an era of a global pandemic – patients often, apart from choosing an IVF clinic, have problems planning their trip.

  • These clinic package options include IVF transfers alone for those who have already created an embryo, as well as egg donation and embryo creation combined with IVF transfer.
  • Women must undergo hormone therapy, and be anaesthetized when their eggs are removed.
  • It is a generally accepted practice that you should receive at least 6 eggs, that may result in 2 embryos, on condition that your partner’s sperm parameters are satisfactory.

In most countries (e.g. Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic or Spain) the selection of egg donors is based on a phenotype matching with the recipient. This means a donor resembles the recipient in terms of eye, hair and skin colour wherever possible. This also means that in these countries patients will not be able to select “any donor”. In other countries (e.g. in Ukraine), a patient can choose a donor who looks similar to the recipient or otherwise. The information obtained from the clinics shows that individual countries are thinking about extending the maximum age limit for patients who were unable to start or continue IVF treatment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This problem particularly affects Spain , the Czech Republic , and Greece .

Anonymous vs. non-anonymous egg donors

• For intended parents, egg donation can cost anywhere between $25,000–$30,000. This does not include clinic fees for in vitro fertilization, or IVF, and $9,000–$10,000 of this total is typically allocated for the egg donor’s fee. We do this through our matching process, which ensures intended parents will find the egg donor of their dreams. This is all made possible by our extensive egg donor database, which intended parents use to find and identify the egg donor they wish to partner with on their journey.

For some patients, this may be an important factor affecting their choice of destination or an overseas IVF clinic. In Ukraine, Russia and the United States, in addition to donor’s standard features , patients will get additional information including the donor’s adult/childhood photos and others. If you look for the non-anonymous egg donation cycle where they are non-anonymous because of the law – Portugal, USA and the UK are the best choices. As you can find extended information about the egg donors in Russia and Ukraine – they are still anonymous in terms of possibilities of contacting the donor.

Our daughter was born in 2013 in the UK, whom we adopted at 8 months old. Since we had such a great experience with Circle Surrogacy, we are currently embarking on our third child . For over 26 years we’ve helped straight and LGBTQ+ couples and singles fulfill their dreams of parenthood. The other destination for patients from the U.S. to consider is Mexico. Our opinion is based on the number of positive patient reviews we receive from the U.S. and specific follow up investigations we have undertaken.

Now Professor Arne Sunde says that the Norwegian Biotechnology Council’s proposal for an egg donation programme in Norway is so poorly conceived that they should have just said no. Our complimentary consultations are for those who are emotionally and financially ready to begin a surrogacy journey within the next 12 months. We’ll use this time to not only discuss the surrogacy process with Circle, but also talk about your story and what brought you to surrogacy.

The Benefits of Egg Donation

Crucially, this number usually refers to frozen eggs – such oocytes need to be thawed first – before fertilisation. Statistically, approximately 50-80% oocytes are successfully thawed, and this means that the number of eggs intended for fertilisation will be smaller. Please ask the IVF clinic about the oocytes survival rates – as it may vary from clinic to clinic.

The most popular destinations chosen by patients from all over the world offer safe fertility treatment and high success rates of IVF with donor eggs. IVF cost abroad is usually lower than in the home country – and this is one of the reasons patients are travelling for an IVF treatment. At Circle Surrogacy, we work with clinics that have different packages that intended parents can choose from when embarking on their surrogacy or egg donor journey. These clinic package options include IVF transfers alone for those who have already created an embryo, as well as egg donation and embryo creation combined with IVF transfer. Additionally, some package options include 1-3 IVF transfers and other package options include unlimited IVF transfers until a live birth is achieved.

Not two women either, unless the egg is donated by the co-mother . Same-sex couples can donate eggs to each other, but unfortunately can not receive donor eggs from an egg bank. No longer does your egg donor need to be located near you to be able to complete a retrieval. We can arrange all the travel and logistics to get your chosen egg donor to your clinic of choice.

IVF with egg donation programs for lesbian and same-sex couples

Besides, you should pay attention to the availability of flight connections from your country. It is worth remembering that IVF treatment is a long process and it may require several visits to the clinic abroad. Estonia, country of choice for many Scandinavians and Baltic region residents for fertility travel should be added to the list of popular destinations for IVF in Europe. If you wonder why this should be so, you should know that there are many egg donors available and the clinics’ high standards speak up for themselves.