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Donato Fhunsu at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

(That is, don’t just read the written document you submitted.) This is an excellent opportunity to practice and enhance your presentation skills. Your advisor or the DGP will be happy to offer guidance on planning your presentation. I remember this table runner on the table at my paternal grandparents home. They are the only grandparents I got to know, both my mother’s parents had already passed away by the time I was born. My grandparents, mis abuelos, their names are Fermin do Prado Canabarro and Elsa Britos da Rosa. I remember as a small child when we lived in Uruguay, we would go to my grandparents for lunch most weekends.

  • I almost instantly gained the impression that he would be good with students in terms of offering programming,” Lyles said.
  • There would always be other family, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, extended family and friends.
  • I often think on the complex intersections between our family history, the history of colonial genocide and ongoing oppression present in our lands of “origin” and where we came to seek a better life.
  • Proposals are due no later than the last day of class, but keep an eye on posted billing deadlines to avoid late charges.
  • Unfortunately, I have spent the majority of his life in TN.

Summarize your major observations, findings or conclusions. Lastly, step back a bit and comment on how your work contributes to scholarship or practice in your field and/or to your own development as a scholar or other professional. A brief (5-10 minute) question-and-answer period will follow each presentation. Your presentation will be assessed according to the rubric.This rubric is not used to make evaluations of pass or fail, but to provide students and faculty feedback on presenting work in professional settings.

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Unfortunately, I have spent the majority of his life in TN. I have always been proud of Rod’s drive, desire and ability to learn. It is no surprise that he will teach the next generation of Cal U students. As a Cal U alum, I am even more proud of Rod’s accomplishments.

You’ll want to finalize your spring schedule as soon as possible. My classes are spaces of fearless thinking about the ideas that have shaped and continue to shape our worldviews and rule our lives. In the works of the Global Africana Literatures that my students and I read, ponder, discuss, and write about, we explore the power of the radical imagination of Africana indigeneity to sensitize our hearts, stretch our minds, and expand our consciousness. Even though the task of working with minds and hearts is difficult, I am encouraged by the recognition that a mind stretched by a new idea and a heart touched by a new sensibility never return to their original dimensions.

Paula do Prado ✿ My abuela’s hands

According to Lyles, Taylor would attend the program’s collaborative meetings that took place twice a year, although it was never required or even expected of him to be there. All students will present their capstone projects in a series of symposia scheduled during the final exam period. On one of my trips back to Uruguay over 15 years after we had migrated to Australia, Elsa gifted me this textile along with a few others. I had explained to my family that I was studying to be an artist and that I liked to work with cloth because it could hold stories, history and so much more. Back at that moment when I started to develop more sculptural forms, it did feel like these elements were developing out of experimentation. I was really driven by how could I push things further, how can I do something different, how can I translate and bring in these things that show who I am and where I’m from.

Fall 2015

We had left a Uruguay that was still transitioning after the end of a military dictatorship which had pursued, harassed, captured, questioned and scarred both sides of my family including my parents directly. It’s only now I appreciate that the lyrics to my father’s songs were written in a kind of poetic code so as not to fully reveal their politics. Teaching last year at Cal U and hopes that she, and succeeding generations of students, will have the opportunity to learn from him in her final years on campus. I almost instantly gained the impression that he would be good with students in terms of offering programming,” Lyles said.

Now I see all of that process as part of wanting to remember the places and people I came from. So what might have appeared as experimentation was very much rooted in ancestral connection and that’s a relatively new revelation for me. Neither the weight of what and why we had left nor the reality of the situation we had come into became clearer until much later.