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Non-Profit Donation Requests River Cats

It would also be helpful to understand your fundraising goals. All requests must be received a minimum of six weeks prior to the event. River City Concessions is pleased to provide non-profit organizations an opportunity to raise fund for their worthy causes.

  • If requests are not received within the time frame scheduled below, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain reserves the right to not consider the request.
  • Please provide information on your good work and tell us how you will acknowledge this donation at your event.
  • All donation requests will be reviewed within two weeks.
  • The Aquatic Center will provide all 2022 Fall students with free rentals on Kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards.
  • We DO NOT make cash donations or purchase advertising space for events.

As we are a nonprofit, we do not receive any tax-deduction for our donation to your organization. Please consider saving resources by not sending us a receipt. The California State Railroad Museum Foundation has a limited number of passes available for donation each year. Please be aware that submitting a request does not guarantee a donation. O Sponsorship – Any distribution of company resources which supports a non-profit fundraiser or event.

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We will also need a copy of your one day liquor license issued to you by ABC. Be sure your event is more than 60 days away and remember that even though your event may meet all the requirements, we may have to decline if our donation allotment has been met for the month. We will contact you if you meet the requirements to receive a donation. To submit a donation request for a charitable cause or event, please email and someone will be in touch after review.

Requests should be made no later than 45 days prior to the start of the quarter in which the donation is needed. Also, when considering commitment dates, organizations/groups should keep in mind their deadline dates for print, advertising, etc. rather than the event date. If requests are not received within the time frame scheduled below, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain reserves the right to not consider the request. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain is dedicated to giving back to the community we call home. We have partnered with various organizations in helping to make a difference in the lives around us through charitable work, donations, partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteerism. Republic FC is committed to cultivating an Indomitable City; a better place for all of us to live, work, and play.

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Through both internal campaigns and consumer facing programs, we invite the world to join our effort to improve lives and heal through the power of music. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for your request to be processed. Each request we receive is given careful consideration and while we do our best to respond positively to as many requests as possible, we regret we cannot contribute to all of them. If your request is not approved at this time, please keep us in mind for next year. Donations will be given in the form of gift certificate to The Secret Garden, a gift basket of garden items, plant material or a combination thereof. We DO NOT make cash donations or purchase advertising space for events.

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Douglas Wood Obituary (1939 – – Folsom, CA – The Sacramento Bee.

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It is the policy of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain to accept donation requests to help provide funding to local non-profit organizations and/or groups. It is our goal to partner with community organizations to help meet their mission and improve quality of life in our community. Often, we partner to help local organizations to be more successful with fundraisers. Some of the types of requests that we support are health and human services, arts and culture, civic and community development. The Secret Garden is proud to be a local, family-owned business serving the greater Sacramento area.

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Restrictions include two night weekend stays. The Piccolo does not accept donation requests. We typically make a decision within a week of receiving a request.

Any request submitted after that deadline will be automatically rejected. Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests made from outside of California or a 120 mile radius. YOUR ORGANIZATION’S 9-DIGIT TAX-ID NUMBER IS REQUIRED TO PROCESS THE REQUEST.

Please fill out this form to fulfill any donation requests. We are doing our best to eliminate duplicate donation requests from the same organizations and will be logging all requests into a database for tracking purposes. Sacramento Theatre Company believes in giving back to its community and supporting the many worthy causes in the Sacramento Region. We welcome donation requests for not-for-profit fundraising purposes. As a non profit organization, Broadway Sacramento recognizes and appreciates the importance of donations in a non profit organization’s success. In past years we have donated hundreds of tickets to a variety of worthy organizations for their fundraising causes.

This program allows us to donate $35,000 annually to local charities and fundraising efforts. All requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event date. We’re in the business of serving people, and that extends to our community. We are proud to support our community locally and nationally, and we might even be able to help you! Please specify what you are requesting (i.e. type of food and/or product, cash donation, event sponsorship, advertisement, etc.).