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The organization doesn’t accept colored or chemically treated hair, though they do provide free haircuts directly at the facility. Creating a wig with human hair takes about 20 donated ponytails of hair. Thus, it’s important for many people to donate. Multiple ponytails are sewn together and tied into a cap that’s specially measured to fit on a person’s head. The hair can then be colored, cut, permed, and otherwise styled. The result is a wig that’s unique and personal.

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If you’re someone who usually grows your hair out for years and then cuts it short, maybe wait a few more months, if you can, to get some additional length. Is another donation organization worth checking out. They’re a 501c3 organization, and they require a minimum donation of $25 to accompany your hair donation. “Everybody has a bad hair day, but us girls still like to be told we look nice even if we don’t feel like we do.” – Cat Deeley. There are many cancer patients that only wish they had the hair you have. I really have blonde hair naturally but my mom’s a redhead.

Hair Cuts & Styles

We encourage you to consider sending your hair to 360 Hair as a meaningful way to support someone on their cancer journey. We will prepare and package your hair as per the programs regulations and submit on your behalf. If you would like immediate recognition for your donation, download and fill out this certificate of hair donation with your name and date, then print it out. Ensure the band is tight around the hair to keep the hair together after cutting. If the hair comes out of the band, it will not be usable. A second hair band can be placed around the middle of the ponytail to help keep the hair together.

Their wig and hair extension programs offer both temporary and long-term hair replacement solutions. In most cases, you can simply mail the hair in. But some companies allow you to come in where they offer free cutting services. Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.

Children With Hair Loss provides free wigs to children and young adults facing hair loss for medical reasons. They require donated hair to be at least eight inches in length. Provides wigs for financially disadvantaged children experiencing hair loss.

Why do people donate hair?

Most of their wig recipients have alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. They also provide wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment or children who experience hair loss for some other reason. Hair We Share provides wigs to anyone who needs one but can’t afford it. Hair can be dyed in natural colors and permed or straightened.

It can be caused bychemotherapyor by radiation to the head. Wavy/curly hair texture — you may straighten hair to measure. All of the same rules apply to a male donor, including policies on perms, color treatment, bleaching, and dreadlocks.

  • Yes, but the shortest layer should meet the minimum length required by the charity, which will generally go from 8 inches to 12 inches.
  • Some organizations even ask you to section the hair by layers if the length varies, so again, just double-check before you start cutting.
  • “While the hair costs us nothing, we still have the same operating expenses as any for-profit business does,” Chimera explains.
  • Locks of Love understands how detrimental hair loss can be to self-confidence.

When Business Insider caught up with Melore in January 2019, she said she has been in remission for two years, and even stopped wearing her wig this summer. Her hair has grown back, and is now shoulder-length. "It’s a little bit of sadness like, ‘Oh there it goes, I’m on my way to being bald,’" Melore told Business Insider in 2016. "But you have that reassurance that the wig is there and you feel good about it."

Can you mail in donated hair?

Is one of the most reputable and oldest hair donation charities. The hair donated to the organization goes to disadvantaged children who are suffering from illnesses, or other causes of hair loss appear. There are numerous organizations and non for profit agencies that welcome hair donations. They use their donations to make wigs, hairpieces, extensions, and more for those who find themselves in need. Chai Lifeline requires 14 inches of hair and provides wigs to children with cancer.