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Charity Boat Donations Tax Deductible

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your TX boat donation or watercraft donation. All boats donated on this site are received by Boat Angel Outreach Center. You can have a donation made in as little as a week or at your earliest convenience; just let us know what works best for you. We offer seven-day a week transport free of charge and even work after hours to ensure that you find a time that works best for your busy schedule.

Fast, free pick-up and towing- We will come and pick up any vehicle for free – eventrucksthat don’t run! Some exceptions apply such as needing a trailer to tow a boat, so feel free to contact us to verify.

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Boat Angel’s sponsorship of Mercy Ships, Compassion and World Vision has provided operations, training and needed medicine for thousands. Our participation in these worthy programs have been entirely funded through the sale of boats on our charity boat sales website. We are thankful for the opportunity to help those who have no medical care. Please consider the poor when it comes time to dispose of your used boat or jet ski. Yes, we are a 501 organization and have been approved by the IRS to receive donated items and issue a tax-deductible donation receipt for the item.

We make donating your boat so easy, and we’ll take care of all the work for you. Wheels For Wishes picks the boat up and handles all the details. You can make a full appraised value tax deductible boat donation with us as long as you have a full appraisal. We will take care of everything else including, if necessary, holding your boat donation for the required IRS three-year term to ensure your eligibility for a full appraised value tax deduction. Most charitable organizations do not even consider full appraised value tax deductions for their donors and thus, leave thousands in potential savings on the table for many boat donations.

Submit a donation form on-line, here, or call our toll free number XXX-XXX-XXXX and speak with one of our friendly, trained Boat Donation Specialists. You may have had your boat for years, but find you’re just not using it. You’re spending more time paying your boat storage or docking bill than you are spending on the actual boat. Alternatively, maybe you’re moving across the country and don’t want to tow the boat along with you. We arrange pickup of your boat anywhere in the continental United States with the purchaser; our process allows more to go to the charity.

We make the boat donation process extremely easy for you, the benefactor. If you have decided to part with your old boat, please know we will make the process as easy as it can be. We won’t ask you to do any boat repairs or even to clean your boat up. All you are going to need to do is to find a copy of your boat registration fill out a fairly simple form and send us some photos of the boat in it’s current condition.

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Boats are great when you’re out on the water, but they can be stressful to tow around, store and take care of. As of January 1, 2005 the IRS has taken the guesswork out of determining the value of your vehicle for tax purposes. If your vehicle sells for less than $500 you can claim the fair market value of your vehicle up to $499. If your vehicle sells for more than $500 you can deduct the actual sale price of your vehicle. After the vehicle is sold you’ll receive a receipt for the price the the vehicle is sold for. Also note a social security number is not required if your vehicle sells below $500.

Donating a boat will bypass all the hassles of trying to sell the boat that is out of season or no longer works for you. To a veteran charity will make a positive difference for many veterans while it’ll also help you qualify for a tax deduction. Children are the Future nearly 60% of our world population is under twenty years old.

Often times our teams are able to pick up your Texas boat donation in less than a week. Contact us today through our convenient contact form found here. We handle all of the paperwork for you- We take care of the title transfer and the paperwork required in order to receive the charitable tax deduction on your tax return. You eliminate the hassle of selling or trading in your boat.

Content of this site copyright Texas Parks and Wildlife Department unless otherwise noted. Over 70% of the price of the State Parks conservation license plate goes to support all Texas State Parks. We will call to set up a convenient pickup time and place. Donate a sailboat or any sailing vessel such as schooners, ketches, sloops, yawls, cutter rigs or catamarans. Donate boats that are powered by an inboard engine or an outboard motor. "Excellent charitable foundation to deal with, very helpful."

  • One way to make a difference is to donate your boat.
  • Our support of worthy teenage programs have been funded with boat donations.
  • Even if you don’t have a trailer, you can still easily get rid of your boat!

We will request some general information from you at the time of donation such as, the year, make, and model of the boat, as well as its general mechanical condition. Once the boat donation is complete, you will receive your tax deductable boat donation receipt. Planned Giving Consider making a larger gift that could offer you a tax advantage. Renew BoatUS Membership Complete your renewal online in 5 easy steps. Guide to Vehicle Donation A Donor’s guide to vehicle donation .

Boat Angel’s literacy program has impacted hundreds of thousands of inmates in youth, state and federal prisons. The proceeds from boat donations have funded these programs. Perhaps you don’t know what you’re fair market value is for your Texas boat donation. If you have a value of mind for your Texas boat donation, it can be increased through our restoration and repair services offered free to you.

Therefore, your boat donation may be 100% tax deductible based upon your personal tax situation. Please check with your tax advisor if you need more information. Donors should consult their tax professional to fully understand implications of donating a boat, sails or equipment. Between its extensive coastline and rivers, there are plenty of opportunities for boating in Texas. If you’ve come to the realization that your boat, jet ski or yacht is no longer one of your favorite possessions, we’d like to introduce you to the possibility of a Texas boat donation.