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Mi’ihen Highroad operation donation Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster

Try to continue walking down the pathway and you will be denied passage just like Dona. The guard will give you an option to have Operation Mi’ihen explained to you if you would like. If you donated 1,001 gil to him previously you now need to donate 9,000 gil to him. Consider selling duplicate items or Ethers if you need to in order to reach the 9,000 gil requirement. Keep an eye out on the path to find the Al Bhed Primer (Vol. IX). You will pass by Maechen and Melinda but they don’t have any interesting histories to share with you as you pass this time.

Go all the way back North to the end of the Highroad and dismount. Go up to the Chocobo Caravan to being a scene of pointless babbling. After that talk to the sentry guard who will ask for a donation to Operation Mi’ihen. 100 Gil will net you another Scout, 1,000 Gil will get you an Ice Spear, and a full 10,000 Gil will grab you a Moon Ring. In the next section of this rather painfully boring road you want find anything at the first alcove but at the second little bulge on the right you’ll find 2,000 Gil.

  • If you won the fight and didn’t get knocked off the cliff you’ll get the option to get a free Chocobo ride.
  • While on a chocobo, you will move faster than normal, be able to access areas you normally can’t, and you will not encounter any random battles.
  • Talk to Dona to get the story rolling again and don’t forget to save your game at the Save Sphere.
  • If you win the battle, you will receive an Echo Ring for Yuna, and if you lose you will get a Seeker’s Ring for her.

Save your game at the Save Sphere inside Rin’s Travel Agency before you leave. You can speak to the woman outside the Travel Agency to jump on a Chocobo. There are a few items that you will only be able to grab if you are riding a Chocobo so don’t leave this area on foot.

Watch the movie and head onward to the next area. Right after that you’ll find a chick in an ugly green dress in a little alcove on the left side of the road. Her name is Belgemine and she’ll challenge Aeon Yuna to a battle with her sexy husky voice.

Before you continue northward, to where the red arrow is pointing, continue along the southeastern path . That’s if you donate 10,001+ gil to him prior to Operation Mi’ihen. What the TC is referencing is a Crusader standing outside of Mushroom Rock Road before the operation begins that accepts donations and rewards items for doing so. With your Chocobo ride down South the other way to find the old portion of the Highroad. Run South through three ledges and then press as you face North.

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As noted earlier on, you can make the fight really easy if you charge Yuna’s Overdrive gauge prior to the battle. This will cause Valefor to start the battle with a charged Overdrive gauge as well. Ifrit’s attack pattern is fairly straight forward.

If Yuna‘s Overdrive is full when the battle starts, use her Grand Summon to give Valefor an instant Overdrive . He will rotate between Attack and Meteor Strike, and use Hellfire when his Overdrive gauge is full. Attack him with Blizzard and your own Overdrives, and you can use Shield to reduce the damage from Meteor Strike and Hellfire.

Ffx Operation Mi’ihen Donation –

Walk forward and touch the Save Sphere to save your game. As soon as you touch the Sphere you will be given a quick overview of how to scout for Blitzball players to join your team. This will be your last chance to donate to him, so if you want him to have lower prices for you, make sure you’ve donated a total of 10,001 gil before you continue. You can talk to Gatta and Luzzu on the right side to get one about the Crusaders, and down the path you will find a girl talking to a man. This is Shelinda, who you can speak to so you can meet her and learn some more information. If you win the battle, you will receive an Echo Ring for Yuna, and if you lose you will get a Seeker’s Ring for her.


For information about Ffx Operation Mi’ihen Donation , We have the best information on topics like donation, charity, fundraising, and more. None of these items are worth spending gil on so ignore them all. Go back to the “Highroad – North End” where you had the Chocobo kick open the chest . There is a Y-intersection part way down the path, the entrance of which is shown in the screenshot below. As you go around the curve you might notice a small yellow feather laying on the ground. The Chocobo Eater battle can be won through two different methods.

Yuna has a difficult solo battle coming up very shortly. Once you finish the last box, the standard raid summon will be available to be summoned with no limit. There is nothing to get in the Newroad, South area, so simply go down the path to continue. Towards the end of this path you will see a woman off to the right side.

If the entire server is unable to kill it before time runs out, its level will decrease by one and the timer will reset. The raid’s global level has no impact on the raid boss itself, with the fight’s difficulty remaining unchanged. After a cutscene you will be inside of the Agency. Here you can save and buy some equipment and items from the counter.

You can talk to the man standing in front of the statue to see an extra cutscene, and learn about Lord Mi’ihen. While going through the path, talk to the travelers to receive 2 Antidotes and a Hunter’s Spear for Kimahri. Behind the ruined building on the left, you’ll find a chest with an Ice Brand for Tidus. The first battle you get into will be a tutorial on using Auron. He is a strong physical attacker with a lot of HP, and he specializes against armored enemies .

Continue north through this area and across the two bridges. Use the menu screen if you are not sure which area you are in specifically. Your location is in the bottom-left side of the menu screen.