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We also accept higher quality refracting telescopes. Tom continued with an interest in Astronomy but only read about it. The Astronomical League has a Library Telescope Task Force that consists of nearly 40 members working with libraries participating in the program around the country.

Many clubs have good programs for using donated equipment. Both of these telescopes are affordably priced and of good quality. The Library Telescope Program focuses on making a telescope available to the general public. Many times itโ€™s a family with kids, or an adult, dipping a toe into astronomy and the quality level is suitable. Help FWAS purchase a new solar telescope and supplies to use for public and educational outreach. Any amount is greatly appreciated.All donations are tax deductable.


I donated a Schmidt-Cass to one and the folks were glad to get it. The glass must not be cracked, mirrors still reflective, and, if mounted, the electronics must still operate without any obvious anomolies.

  • The amateur hobby of humanity since the dawn of time and scientific study of celestial objects.
  • An astronomy club can use donated telescopes for either outreach or for a loaner/rental program.
  • Along with the program leader Tom Lynch, AOSNY members Linda, Nancy, Steve, Patrick and Karel are participants.
  • In the latter case, it is very helpful to include your asking price.
  • In that way, Iโ€™m able to document recent prices paid for almost any imaginable astronomical hardware.

This is a world class, high technology Ritchey-Cretien 0.7 meter telescope. It features unrivaled visual astronomy and potential science for educational institutions. The issue of appraising telescopes and related equipment comes up often among members of the Antique Telescope Society, many of whom are collectors. Some years back, we had a professional appraiser speak at one of our annual meetings. Surprising many of us, she warned us regarding the legal danger of offering appraisals without being credentialed as a professional appraiser.


The Amateur Observersโ€™ Society of New York has received two telescopes for donation to libraries through an Astronomical League Program funded by the Horkheimer Foundation. Additionally, Tom has donated one and says he will likely donate another sometime soon to a library that he has been in touch with. However, I recommend calling the president of the club and asking how they use such gifts, where they are stored, and so on.

He just figured maybe he was unable to figure it out. The Astronomical League , an astronomy organization composed of over 240 local amateur astronomical member societies from all across the United States. There are now over 700 libraries running the Library Telescope program.